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The Sales Buzz Issue 60-Self motivational actions to achieve your goals
January 19, 2010

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Make your goals and desires happen

With this one simple self motivation technique you can turn negatives and failures into positives and steps forward towards achieving the life and work goals you desire.

Many of your actions could be seen as failures but there is a way to get a positive out of even the worst results with this self motivation technique...

Keep focused on your real goal

Many people fail to achieve their real goals because they are tempted by short term gains, distracted by easier paths, and change their goals to suit the situation.

See this great technique for overcoming some of the challenges that prevent people from long term success in life by scroling down to Self motivation actions to focus on your real goals...

The Sales Objection section has had a makeover

I’ve tidied up and put things in order. Now you can find what you’re looking for and put the really effective 4 step objection process into action. Scroll down the page to see the revamped and updated sales objections pages...

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Making Your Goals and Desires Happen

Many people set goals, then take actions, and have good reasons to be motivated to succeed, but they still don’t achieve their goals and desires.

Maybe you have read self help books, been on motivation and goal setting courses, or followed instructions from famous motivational speakers.

Have you achieved the results you wanted, and are you living the lifestyle that you really desire?

There are two important techniques that bring goal setting and actions together and make them work to get you where you want to be.

Because I manage working sales teams, and coach them to reach both work and personal goals, I need self motivation techniques that work and get results.

The two important techniques have been developed in the real world by working with everyday individuals that want more from their life.

This week’s newsletter will give you the two final ingredients to make your actions work for you.

But first, let’s make sure you are up to speed with goal setting and taking actions.

A quick re-cap on goal setting and taking actions

Two weeks ago we discussed goal setting and how to get the habits of success by setting small easy to achieve goals to get you started.

If you missed the free newsletter on goal setting, or want to look at how to set goals and objectives, and get those winning habit’s of success, you can see it at Sales Buzz on goal setting and the habits of success. Then come back here and see the next actions to make your goals happen.

Last week there was free training on the actions that will get you those desired goals, how to motivate yourself with an NLP motivation technique, and the key to achieving goals – Being Honest about what you want.

You can see last week’s newsletter with all these great ideas and motivation techniques at Actions to upgrade your lifestyle. Then come back here and get the final two self help techniques that will make goal setting work for you.

How to achieve goals and
make actions work

So you’ve set some nice easy goals that will give you some benefits.

You have some motivational reasons why you want to achieve them.

And, you have a list of the first actions you should take.

So how do you make sure you are successful?

The two self help techniques that will make you successful

1. Prepare for setbacks – Be realistic – Use this self help technique

Many people set goals, take actions, and are motivated. But as soon as one of the actions fail, or they see no progress towards their goals, they become de-motivated. Many stop and admit failure. Others blame the self help book they are reading, the motivator they are following, or outside forces beyond their control.

This is where motivational coaching in the real world has an advantage over classroom techniques.

You have to be prepared for setbacks and accept that many of your actions will fail. As many as 9 out of every 10 actions could fail, have a negative effect, or do nothing towards your goal. If it was easy everyone would have exactly what they want in life.

The Technique for overcoming setbacks

You’ve invested time and maybe money in an action to move you closer to the lifestyle you want. But despite your best efforts you haven’t achieved what you want.

Ask yourself this question: What’s good about it?

Give yourself feedback on the action you took and the results you saw. Nothing is ever a complete failure. Ask yourself what’s good about this.

At the very least you have learned that this action will not get you your goal. Maybe you learned that the action will get you something else, a different goal.

Here’s an example

One of my sales team set a personal goal that required an increase of 20% to their annual sales results.

One of their first actions was to target an area they had not prospected before. The area was serviced by a competitor they had not come across before and we had very little information about them.

The action was to spend 3 days on this area knocking doors, cold calling, and telephoning for sales appointments. At the end of the 3 days they had sold nothing and felt de-motivated and said the action had been a complete waste of time.

We then focused on what was good about the results.

I gave them 15 minutes to write down as many positives as they could think of about the action and the results. A full blown brainstorming session where they just scrawled as many ideas and comments as they could on to a large piece of paper.

I wanted everything. Crazy and abstract ideas. Negatives turned to positives. No time boundaries. Linking of results to other benefits not necessarily related to their current goals.

They came up with a full list of positives from the 3 days prospecting. As well as many small benefits they also had information about the prospects current contracts, the prices being paid, and when they ran out. These were all later in the year.

We drew a representation of a timeline from now to achieving their goal in a year’s time. An action to re-visit the prospects was drawn in for 3 to 6 month’s time when the results would play a big part in moving towards their goal.

With that action in place we came up with more actions for now and added them to the timeline. By asking what was good about the sales actions they had taken, and could have seen as a failure, they had achieved two important positives.

1. Come up with a great action that would fit their action plan in 3 month’s time.

2. Maintained their self motivation by seeing their results as a success in the future.

Maintaining their motivation meant they came up with more actions to do now and their energy was growing because they viewed what could have been seen as a failure as a success.

For more on self motivation techniques leave the Sales Buzz newsletter and open the main motivation information page on the Sales Training Sales Tips website.

Keep focused on your real goal

The other reason people fail to achieve the personal and career goals they set is because they get blown off course by setbacks, such as above, and lose sight of their real goals.

Imagine your goal included increasing your sales results by 20%. Then some of the actions you take get you a 10% increase. Do you change your goal to one that can be achieved by a 10% increase in sales?

What if your goal was to achieve a senior sales manager’s position in your company. You start taking actions and gathering evidence for when a position comes up. You have a list of actions and some strong motivational reasons to take the actions and achieve your goal.

Then you see an opportunity for a sales position in another dept. The salary is more than you are on now and you are confident you can do the job. Do you change your goal and take the sales job with a short term gain of more money? Or, do you re-focus on your true goal of becoming a sales manager and having a team of your own?

There will be many distractions and
easier paths to tempt you

Each time a distraction or easier opportunity comes up, ask yourself if it will lead to achieving your true goal.

This self talk can be motivating, self searching, sometimes spiritual, and can lead to a better understanding of yourself and what you truly want from your life here.

Keep giving yourself really good self motivational reasons why you want to achieve your goal. Every time a decision needs to be made about the course you’re taking ask yourself, what is it you really want? Will the new course give you just a short term gain, and is your real goal more important to you?

The 2 self help techniques to make your actions achieve your goals

A recap on these 2 really effective self motivation techniques:

1. Ask yourself: What’s good about this.

After every action that you think may have been a failure, ask yourself what is good, what could be good, what have I learned, or how can this help me.

2. Keep focused on your real goal.

Avoid easy paths to lesser goals. Re-focus on your real goals when faced with tempting distractions. Get some self talk going and ask yourself what you really want. Don’t give up your long term goals for short term gains.

For more on self motivation techniques leave the
Sales Buzz newsletter and open the main motivation information page on the Sales Training Sales Tips website.

The newlook sales objection section

I’ve tidied up, thrown out any rubbish, and set everything out neat and organised.

When I start a new section on the Sales Training Sales Tips website I tend to throw all my ideas and experience into a heap and then push things around until it has some sort of order.

Now after months of pushing the sales objection training information around I’ve finally got it looking professional and you can find what you’re looking for.

...This reminds me of my Mother telling me to tidy my room..

You can now see a really effective process for dealing with sales objections and lots of additional, organised, and neat and tidy information that will help you close more sales.

Take a look at my neat and tidy newly cleaned-up Sales Objections section of the Sales Training Sales Tips website

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To make sure you don't miss out on all the right updates for you get the sales training Blog and you're in control of when you read the latest additions to the site.

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Stephen Craine

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