Sales Objections Can Stop You Making Money

Sales objections can be the barrier between you and a sale. If you can’t handle objections you can't achieve your full potential, financial income, or lifestyle.

Learn to overcome objections confidently and:

  • Increase your sales
  • Make more money
  • Gain real job security
  • Get recognition as a top performer

I'm a working sales manager and all the sales skills and objection handling techniques you'll find here have been developed and proven in real sales situations by working sales people.

The Sales Objections Section Main Page

This is the main page of the objection section of the Sales Training Sales Tips website.

Here you will find links to pages on the site that will give you:

  • Free sales training on how to overcome objections
  • A place to ask questions that will help you sell more
  • A really effective process for overcoming objections
  • Professional sales training courses
  • Comments and opinions shared by other sales people

So scan down the list of topics on this page. Take a look at the brief descriptions of the sales training on objections. Then click to see more about the ones that interest you.

Sales objection handling process

A simple and effective 4 step process for overcoming objections.

Follow this simple guide for overcoming objections with a 4 step process that is used by working sales professionals everyday.

It's customer friendly, follows logical steps, and is easy to put into use. an effective way to turn objections into sales. You can see more information by moving to Sales Objection handling process.

Feel Felt Found objections technique

Overcome objections with this 3 step technique that every sales professional should know.

This is a technique that has been around a long time becasue it works, and it's really easy to learn and put into action.

With 3 simple one line steps you move the prospect to a different viewpoint on their objection, issues, or even just the things they are not too sure about.

This is a technique that I strongly recommend you have in your toolbox, take a look and see what you think of the Feel Felt Found technique...

Define the real sales objections

Define the real objections so you can answer them more effectively.

Too many sales people practice set answers and smart rebuttals to reply to objections. The result, they don't know the real obstacle to the sale and they struggle to close the deal.

This sales training topic is so important to your success that there are 2 whole pages on defining the real objections.

Overcoming objections by discovering where they are based shows you how to see whether the objection is a real, physical objection, or if it formed from the buyer's past experiences and beliefs.

Defining objections to sales looks at how to find what the real objection is from the customer's viewpoint. Then you can answer it with pin point accuracy.

Both these pages will give you a completely new way to see objection handling.

Handling objections by presenting great answers

After you have defined the objections - Answer them positively.

Once you have defined the real objection, and turned it into a positive, this page will show you how to answer it with confidence.

You'll see sales training on how to present your answers.

How to gain agreement to the answers you have presented.

Get maximum impact from the solutions you present.

Target your ansers at the real sales objections.

And, closing the sale based on handling the objection.

Present your objection answer in the best way and close more sales.

Too many people come up with great answers and solutions to objections but don't give any thought to how they should package and present that answer.

See more on Handling objections by presenting great answers...

Handling price objections

Overcome sales objections to price and close more sales

This page gives you the 3 main reasons you get objections based on price, and the techiques for handling them.

A simple objection to price such as: It's too expensive, can mean many different things. The sales objection training on this page will show you how to define the real objection and turn it into a sale.

Learn how to turn objections to price into sales by opening Handling price objections.

Conditional closing to overcome objections

This is a great technique for ovecoming those objections that come up in response to you trying to close the sale.

Use it well and you turn obstacles into positive reasons why the prospect should buy from you now. See more at Sales negotiation training and closing techniques.

Self motivation when handling objections

How to stay positive when faced with sales objections.

You may have great objection handling skills and know what to say to overcome the barriers to a sale. On this page you'll see how to get into the best possible motivated state to use those skills.

Don't let negatives and objections get you down and stop you being effective. Follow these simple motivation techniques and turn more objections into sales.

Open self motivation when faced with objections to sales.

Sales workbook training course on objection handling

A professional training course on how to handle objections.

Click the image for more information or click the Buy Now button for the download version and start using it today.

Buy Now

A professional sales training course, to turn objections into sales, in a personal training workbook, complete with a step by step exercise program, for just £14.99. Only available from this website.

To see more information open How to handle objections or click the image above.

Ask a question - Make a comment
Share your opinions and knowledge

Ask a question that will help you overcome the objections that are holdong you back

You can ask questions, leave a comment, share your opinions on sales training, even write a full page and tell us about you and your sales business.

To ask a question or leave a comment just open How to handle objections then simply click and type.

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