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The Sales Buzz Issue 112 - Sales Value Technique to close more sales
March 01, 2011

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Sales Value Technique

How to make what you sell be seen as free of charge or an investment

This Sales Value Technique gives you an additional selling skill that shows prospects how your product pays for itself, becomes an investment, or makes money for the buyer.

And that helps you to close more sales, earn more money, or grow your business.

The sales value technique shows you how to present the financial positives of buying your products or services. You will bring in the idea of a common base of money and what your product is worth.

By comparing the value of your product with the buyer’s current costs you can show the financial benefits. This makes closing the sale really easy.

When you show what the prospect can save, or make, you avoid those difficult sales objections based on price or costs.

’I can’t afford it,’ becomes, ‘You are going to save…’ and that makes objection handling so much easier.

That’s just the beginning, the more you get into the workings of this sales skill the more ways you will find to use it. For that reason we will be coming back to this technique in the next issues of the Sales Buzz.

How the Sales Value Technique Works

Your product has benefits for the buyer. The sales skill you need to use is to put those benefits into financial terms so you can show the value of what you can offer.

By presenting the financial value of your sales proposal you can show how it is actually free, or that it can make money for the prospect and become an investment.

Here are some examples from sales professionals I have worked with:

Direct Sales of Central Heating Systems

The increased efficiency compared to a prospects old system will reduce monthly heating bills. If this saving can be calculated the direct sales person can show how the new system will pay for itself over time.

B2B Sales of Manufacturing Equipment

The machine had features that gave the benefit of less staff to operate while giving the same output of product’s processed. The machine was a large investment but would pay for itself with lower operating costs.

Direct Sales of Home improvement Work

With all home improvement work a big benefit that gives the home owner a financial return is the increase in value of their property. Whether this is collected by selling the property, using it for collateral, or as a benefit to their children in years to come, the additional value that your sales proposal is adding will one day be collected.

This sales technique can be used for any home improvement sale and presented as an investment rather than a cost.

It’s strange that the sales of environmentally friendly green energy products do not yet appear to have realised the value of this selling skill. I have been approached by several companies and read a lot of sales literature and they present savings on fuel bills as the main benefit.

Because the costs of these installations are very high it will take years before customers make enough savings on their fuel bills to pay for the purchase. A much better sales pitch would be aimed at the immediate added value to the property because the new owner will be getting all the benefits of lower fuel bills without having paid for the installation or suffer the discomfort of having the work done.

How to use this sales skill

1. Take a piece of paper or a spreadsheet on your computer.

2. List all the features of your products and services.

3. In a column next to each feature add a brief note on how it makes or saves money for the buyer.

4. In a the next column add a note for the features that you can compare with something the buyer already has to show savings or added value.

The next column you start to use the sales value technique for specific customers or prospects you are working with. You can also use some hypothetical scenarios so you can practice the technique. Where you can, add specific monetary values for what the prospects use now and what your sales proposal will save or make for them and over what period of time.

You will see a pattern building up where you link certain features to money saving or money making benefits. These benefits can then be presented to the customer using comparisons of their situation now against the financial situation when they are using your products or services.

The result is a new situation where they are in a financially positive position having made a purchase that pays for itself, continues to save money, or makes money, for the buyer.

Build this Sales Value Technique Into Your Sales Pitch

The Selling Success Training Course is how I train my sales teams to build their sales pitches.

The step by step exercises and training program shows them how to build each stage of the sale and make the best use of their current sales skills and experience.

Using this workbook sales course they, and you, can build a sales pitch that includes techniques like the one we have discussed above.

Try it for yourself and see how it focuses your sales pitch on moving your prospects with you through the sales stages and towards closing the deal.

Whether you are new to sales and want a guide to creating a really effective selling process, or a seasoned sales professional that wants to re-focus and update your techniques, this sales training course will be a great benefit for you.

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Everything has a value

When you sell a product or service that increases efficiency, saves money, adds real value, or can be seen as a genuine investment, it is easy to use this sales technique.

But how do you use this technique when you sell something that doesn’t have features and benefits that can easily be transformed into a monetary value. What if you sell vacations, holiday breaks, luxury cars, top quality fashion items, gym and health club memberships, education and self development programmes.

In next week’s Sales Buzz we will be looking at how to use the sales value technique for all these types of products and services. So if what you sell cannot easily be seen as monetary value you can tell us about it by simply clicking the Sales Blog Comments page and typing in the box. In next week’s Sales Buzz we will give you some ideas and sales tips on how to use the sales value technique.

When you send your comments to us please add if we can use your name, or identify your product or company. So go to Sales Blog Comments page and tell us about what you sell and the challenges of presenting the benefits in financial terms.

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