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The Sales Buzz Issue 113 - Sales Technique showing value to your buyers
March 08, 2011

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Sales Value Technique

Last week we discussed the Sales Technique showing value and the response, comments, and questions, from sales people from right around the world showed that this topic really caught your attention.

In this week’s free newsletter I would like to share some of the comments, answer some of the questions, and hopefully give you a few more ideas on how to add this sales technique to your sales process or pitch.

The Sales Value Technique is a simple way of getting the buyer to see the product or service, that you sell, as something that pays for itself, becomes an investment, or makes money for the buyer.

If you missed last week’s issue of the Sales Buzz with details of how to use the technique, and to see what has stirred up so much interest open
Sales Buzz Back Issue - Sales Value Technique...

Some Great Comments and Questions Sent In By You

I would like to share some of the ideas we have received on how to use this sales tip, and some of the questions and comments sent in by you.

From Asia we received a received a question about changing prospect’s viewpoints and showing them how training modules pay for themselves, or even better make money for the client:

Training Module Sales

With reference to your newsletter dated 1st March. I’m a new sales person and I sell training modules to corporate organisations. Please suggest some ways of using Sales Value Technique to increase my sales efficiency.

Contributor wishes to remain anonymous.

Whenever you sell training services you can use the Sales Value Technique to really good effect, especially if you can quantify what the customer can realistically expect to get back in return for their investment in the training.

Look at what you think the end result will be for the buyer when you have delivered your training and put a price on that benefit. The training you deliver will have tangible benefits. It could increase business, make a department run more effectively, or raise the motivation and morale of the employees.

  • Put a monetary figure or a percentage to the increased business.
  • Show the financial benefits of a more effective department.
  • Increased motivation retains employees which saves on recruitment and training.

You may not have enough information about your client to put a financial figure on the benefits they will receive from investing in your training. I have always found that customers will actually help you and give you what you need. Try asking them what an increase of 10% to their revenue would be worth, or what an efficiency saving of 15% would mean to them.

Then you can show how your training pays for itself or makes your clients money.

Advertising and Marketing Sales

Stephen, I read the Sales Buzz article on the Sales Value Technique and after reading it I realised that in a way I already use it. Now you have brought my focus and attention to it I have already began looking for new and better ways to make it work for me.

I sell advertising space in newspapers and magazines and I have often asked the business person I speak with about how much their average sales will bring to them. Then I discuss with them how many average sales they can expect from the advertising I can give them.

When they see how the advertising will generate more money than the cost of the advertising I can easily close the sale.

Katy Cheun HK

Katy highlights an industry where this sales technique can be used to close more sales. If this simple selling skill is included in the sales training for any advertising sales organisation, for any media, sales will increase.

Katy also raises a very good point when she says the article in last week’s Sales Buzz brought this sales technique into focus and she is now looking for new ways to use it. How much sales training have you let slip out of your conscious attention and you no longer use?

You may already be showing customers the value in your sales, but could you do it better and get even better results.

Retail Sales Techniques

I like the ideas in the free newsletter, but would they work for retail sales.

I sell bicycles from my own store. Pedal power is our speciality. Since the recession spread across the country my retail sales team in the store tell me that they are getting more and more customers giving us sales objections about the price. They see the bicycles as an additional expense, a luxury item, and they want to hold on to their Dollars until things pick up.

Bill Flexborough MT

The sales skill in these kinds of retail sales is to find a value that connects with the customer.

Here are some examples to give you some ideas:

What is a family day out riding bicycles worth. Could it be sold as an activity that replaces something more expensive. When would the customer and their family go riding and what do they do at that time now, does it cost money.

Could the bicycle replace other travel modes that cost money. Car, bus, train, when are they going to use the bicycle and what do they use for that journey now.

Will riding be seen as an exercise and if so think how much they will save compared to gym or health club membership. Maybe combining exercise with travel will save them time and if you can put a monetary value on to their time you have a figure to work with.

Do they hire bicycles now. How soon would the cost of the cycle be regained against what they would have paid in hire charges.

Find what they do now, and what riding the cycle will replace, and you can find financial benefits that show the value of making the purchase.

How Can You Use the Sales Value Technique

Sit back, have a coffee, and consider how you can use this sales training to increase your sales and make selling easier.

Think about the potential value in your products and services that a buyer could want. Turn the benefits that you can offer in your sales proposal into monetary values.

Show your prospects what they could gain financially by investing in your product. Describe how what you offer is actually free because it will pay for itself.

Build this Sales Value Technique Into Your Sales Pitch

The Selling Success Training Course is how I train my sales teams to build their sales pitches.

The step by step exercises and training program shows them how to build each stage of the sale and make the best use of their current sales skills and experience.

Using this workbook sales course they, and you, can build a sales pitch that includes techniques like the one we have discussed above.

Try it for yourself and see how it focuses your sales pitch on moving your prospects with you through the sales stages and towards closing the deal.

Whether you are new to sales and want a guide to creating a really effective selling process, or a seasoned sales professional that wants to re-focus and update your techniques, this sales training course will be a great benefit for you.

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Everything has a value

Join in and send your comments and questions on the Sales value Technique and how to use it to increase sales. Simply click Sales Blog Comments page and type in the box.

When you send your comments to us please add if we can use your name, or identify your product or company. Now go to Sales Blog Comments page and tell us about what you sell and the challenges of presenting sales benefits in financial terms.

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