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Sales skills training on influencing buyers
March 29, 2022

Sales Skills Training on Influencing Buyers

Create a powerful persona to support your sales messages

Sales skills training on how to influence buyers by creating an image that supports your sales messages

When you align your sales messages with the marketing messages of your company or product, you maximise the impact of your sales presentations.

When you know what prospects want from you, the sales person, you can project an image and message that targets their real needs, wants, and desires.

When your appearance is aigned with what the prospect really wants from you, your ability to infleunce is multiplied.

When you put all 3 of these sales skills together you can create a sales persona with energy and power to support your words.

Learn how by visting: Professional Selling Skills

Consider this...

What do prospects really want from you?

Do they want advice from an expert?

The experience of someone who can provide a service?

Maybe they want to talk to someone knowledgeable on their industry or marketpalce?

In the first meeting or call they rarely just want your product or service. They have needs around the person delivering the message and you will benenfit if you have sales skills to meet those needs.

Find the needs
Align the messages
Close the sale

Discover what prospects want from you.

Develop the sales skills to deliver it to them.

Create a persona that says: Yes, I am the person you want to talk to.

Your sales conversations will be more effective because you will be seen as the person they want, trust, and believe.

See a full page on sales skills that will help you to create a sales persona by visiting: Professional Selling Skills

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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