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The Sales Buzz Issue 316 - Sales Presentation Test - How Good is Yours
May 12, 2016

Sales Presentation Test - How Good is Yours

Take the Sales Presentation Test and see if you can make closing sales easier by improving how you present your sales proposal to your prospects.

As sales people we give many presentations, but do we ever assess how well we do this?

When was the last time you checked the words that you use to see if they are the most effective?

Or, when did you last get feedback from soemone whose opinion you respect?

How about recording it and listening for where you could make improvements?

So how do you know how good it is, or if it needs some work doing on it?

Sales Presentation Test

See How You Can Make Closing Easier

If you could take a sales presentation test, that could make the closing stage easier, would you?

As a sales professional sales person you probably work alone.

A really good practice is to run regular checks and give yourself feedback on what you do.

With this simple test, which takes just a few minutes, you could learn a lot about what you're currently doing, compared to what you think you're doing.

I developed this for the sales teams that I managed and trained. It's a really quick way to make some big impact changes to their sales presentations. If you run a sales team you might want to do it with them as a quick coaching session.

Take the test, see the results, give yourself feedback, make changes, close more sales. You can take it now at Sales Presentation Training

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