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The Sales Buzz Issue 65-Elevator pitch sales introduction
March 04, 2010

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In this week's Issue of The Sales Buzz

The elevator pitch sales introduction

An elevator pitch is a way of quickly presenting who you are, what you do, what someone could gain from listening to you. Then motivating the listener to move with you to the next step.

And all in the short space of an elevator ride.

In this week's free newsletter we look how you can adapt this great business networking technique for your sales introductions. This technique works really effectively for sales introductions for both telephone and face to face sales and appointment making.

There's also a brief video clip that could show you how to improve your sales introductions.

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Elevator pitch sales introduction

Elevator pitch sales introduction will grab the attention of your sales prospect and get straight into using benefits that will start to hook the listener into your sales pitch.

The benefits to you of using the elevator pitch technique in your sales introduction are:

  • Keeps your introduction short and concise
  • Hooks your buyer into your sales process
  • Stops you waffling or boring the listener
  • Gives the buyer a reason to listen to you
  • The best reason of all – It works

Watch the video

Watch the video and count how many things you would change. Have you seen sales people making these mistakes? Have you made some yourself?

If you can’t see the video or would like the link to the You Tube version
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In the early years of my sales career I made some basic sales mistakes. I talked too much and tried to cram everything into my sales introduction. I guess I was hoping to get a line in there that would hook my buyer.

I must have thought that the more I said the more chance there was of something grabbing their interest.

Now I know better. I have learned that sales introductions and cold calls need to be short, to the point, and give the listener a good reason why they should listen to you. That’s what using the elevator sales pitch introduction will give you.

The elevator pitch

The elevator pitch originated in the USA and is a quick and effective way of communicating the important parts of your business message.

It’s called an elevator pitch because the communication technique could be used effectively in a very short space of time, such as an elevator ride.

It was originally used for business networking in any place or situation, and it was so successful that it has now been adapted as a sales technique.

You can use your pitch in any business or social, sales, or business situation.

It works really effectively in the first few seconds of talking to a sales prospect.

It can make your sales introduction comfortable for both you and your prospect. And it sets up the rest of your sales pitch.

Elevator pitches, or lift pitches in other parts of the world, are short and to the point and include:

Who you are

What you do

How you could benefit the listener

And a lead into the next step

The key element that makes it such a successful sales technique is that it communicates only the important information and doesn’t bore or lose the prospect.

Build your elevator pitch sales introduction

Decide on what to say, cut out the waffle and redundant words, then add some benefits.

To build your elevator pitch sales introduction start by considering the situation you will be using it in.

Is it a cold telephone call to make a sales appointment. Door knocking or prospecting. The first seconds of an arranged sales meeting with a sales prospect.

You can use it on repeat business meetings where you need a reason for your visit to start the sales process.

Once you know the situation you will use the elevator pitch in, you can start to list the main benefits and points you want to include.

These should be the potential benefits the buyer could gain from listening to you, and the main points about you, or your business and product that could grab their attention. Keep the main points and benefits to a minimum.

Now cut out the waffle and any redundant words. Read it through and say it as you would to a buyer. Is it short and concise? Will it give a buyer reason to want to know more?

Every word should work towards your objective. And your objective is to get the listener to move with you to the next step of your sales pitch, telephone sales call, or sales meeting.

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In next week’s issue of the Sales Buzz

In next week’s issue of the Sales Buzz:

How to close a sale and sales tips on closing techniques. Another short video clip and discussion on when to close and what to say.

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