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The Sales Buzz Issue 323 - The Power of Sales and Marketing Working Together
July 27, 2016

The Power of Sales and Marketing Working Together

The power of sales and marketing can be multiplied to generate more selling opportunities and close more sales, but only if the two work together.

Answer this question honestly:

Do you know what's on your company's website?

Do you know the marketing messages that your business is currently sending out?

If you run a sales team, ask this question at your next sales meeting.

Ask the same question in reverse to whoever does your marketing.

Ask them which product benefits are most wanted by the customers the sales people talk with.

I've worked in many organisations, both big companies and small to medium businesses, where sales and marketing never spoke, there was no communication at all. If you can combine the power of sales and marketing you can get some terrific results. If you don't, you could carry on wasting money by giving customers two different, and sometimes conflicting messages.

Combining the Power of Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing began as two very different disciplines.

Back in the days of offline marketing, which was mainly: TV, billboards, newspapers and magazines, buzzwords and slogans were used to put messages into people's heads.

For Example

In the UK a chocolate bar manufacturer used the slogan: A Mars a day helps you work rest and play.

It's well over 20 years since that slogan was used and it's still lodged firmly in my memory.

While these short sharp phrases were great at getting into the mind of the customer, they were of no use to the sales people selling the products to wholesalers, or to shopkeepers selling chocolate bars.

But now we have the digital age, and we have all the space that's offered by websites, blogs, product reviews, and other online advertising. Now, businesses can explain the benefits of their products and services, and give more detail of their sales offers.

Now, to combine the power of sales and marketing, the old historical barriers need to be broken down and two-way communication needs to begin.

Actions to Combine Your Sales and Marketing

Start by asking questions.

Ask sales people what's in the current marketing messages.

Ask the marketing people which benefits sales people use most to close sales.

Then create pathways and forums for regular two-way communication so they understand each other's roles and can use the information fed back.

Get the marketers to market the most popular customer benefits, and get the sales people to use the marketing support.

One really good sales tip is for the marketing team to produce an electronic brochure, and the sales team to use it. It saves a fortune on printed literature, it can be changed at any time, and it gives sales people a reason to ask for prospect's email addresses.

This approach not only combines the power of sales and marketing, it aligns the sales message, the marketing message, and the company message and objectives.

Take an Action Today

Take an action today and get this new approach started.

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