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The Sales Buzz Issue 93 -NLP Sales Target Technique and Motivation Test
October 12, 2010

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In this week’s Sales Buzz!

NLP Sales Target Technique and Motivation Test

Try this quick test to see how you really see your sales target.

Using NLP we show you how to test what your mind says about you and the way you perceive your sales target.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can identify whether you are motivated towards achieving your target or see it as a big negative that brings you down.

Once you’ve tried the test, and assessed your true feelings about your target, we give you some great information on how to boost your motivation. Scroll down and take the test with the NLP Sales Target Technique....

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NLP Sales Target Technique and Motivation Test

Take the test and use the NLP sales target technique to get a real understanding of how you see and feel about your sales target.

Follow the 4 steps and you will know how motivated you are towards your target, and then see what actions you can take to boost your motivation and increase your success.

Step 1.

Sit back and relax, you can keep your eyes open, and I want you to think of something you are really motivated to do. I mean really motivated. Something you want to do, you find exciting, and you do it every time you get the chance. I don’t need to know what it is, it can be as personal as you like.

Step 2.

Now see yourself doing whatever it is that you get so motivated about. See that picture in your mind’s eye and remember the detail about the structure of this picture.

Where do you see the picture, is it to the left or right of your nose, up or down, close by or in the distance.

Is it a still picture or a video, and does it have a frame or a shape.

What about the colours. Is it bright or dull, clear or blurred. What do you notice most, and how does the picture make you feel.

Remember the picture and the details from the questions above, and leave it where it is as you take your focus away from it for a spell.

Step 3.

Now think of something you hate doing. An action that you find difficult, too challenging, perhaps it is something you often fail to complete or achieve. It may even be painful and frustrating.

It doesn’t matter what it is, or how silly you think it might be, it’s your action and only you know about how it makes you feel.

When you have a clear picture of the action ask yourself the same questions as in the previous step. Start with where you see the picture, is it to the right or left of your nose, up or down. Then continue with the rest of the detail.

Step 4.

The final step is to think about your sales target. Get a picture of the start of the next sales period and see your sales target before you. Wait for the image to form, there’s no rush, just let it happen.

Your sales target is not a physical object so what you see is personal to you.

The actions you take to achieve your target are real and your picture might include those actions.

Once your picture has formed start to notice the details as you have in the last 2 steps.

Is your picture of your sales target closer to the one you saw in step 2, the action you are super motivated to do.

Or, is it closer to the one in step 3, the one you find difficult and challenging.

Start with the position and look which of the other two pictures it is nearer to.

Then the colors and whether it is a moving video or a still picture.

So which is it closer to, a super motivated image, or a challenging picture.

Now take some action and get a boost of motivation

Was your internal picture of your sales target in the same position as your picture of an action you are motivated to do.

We see our internal pictures in certain places, and with certain colors and structure, because that is how our mind classifies what that action or situation means to us. This is one of the basic techniques of NLP.

Note: Everyone will see the pictures in a position and with a structure that is individual to them. Not everyone sees challenging actions in the same place or in the same colors.

From this NLP sales target technique you have a real understanding of how motivated, or de-motivated, you are by your sales target. There are now more NLP sales techniques that you can use to boost that motivation and give yourself a reframed perspective on your target.

To see how to get rid of negative feelings and thoughts, and get yourself super motivated to hit your sales target, open How to get motivated using NLP techniques...

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