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The Sales Buzz Issue 89 -Negotiating a Conditional Sales Close
September 07, 2010

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Negotiating a Conditional Sales Close

Negotiating a conditional close is a great sales closing technique. Learn how to use it and you can turn negative sales objections and concerns into positive reasons why the customer should buy from you today.

This is a selling technique that is well worth adding to your existing skill sets. I’ve seen it used with great success by my own working sales teams and it will work just as well for you. Scroll down to learn more about Negotiating a Conditional Sales Close...

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Negotiating a Conditional Sales Close

Negotiating a conditional sales close is a closing technique that will help you to turn objections into positive reasons why the customer should buy from you today.

All sales people want to know how to close more sales and earn more money or grow their business. Here’s a sales closing technique that will do just that because it influences the customer to buy now.

The conditional sales close

The conditional close is where you give the customer a benefit or special deal that they really want. As part of this offer you add a condition that gives you something in return. A good condition to negotiate in return for the concession you make is for the customer to buy from you today.

A typical use of this sales negotiation technique would be just after you attempt a trial close. You have completed your sales presentation and asked the customer for some feedback on your sales proposal.

The customer answers with some positives but has a concern or a sales objection. As an example let’s say they express a concern over the price.

If appropriate, you might then offer a discount or add some value to the product by including additional features such as, free delivery, or upgrading the service.

Make sure you get something in return

If you just give away the discount or free add-ons you don’t gain anything. This is not negotiating a conditional sales close, this is throwing freebies at the customer and hoping they will buy from you.

A good sales negotiation technique is to offer the discount or upgrade but on the condition the customer buys from you today.

Now you are negotiating a sales close, you are giving something away to get something in return.

This is an important sales closing technique to add to your selling skills. It will help you close more sales and earn more money, or grow your business.

More techniques to make it work

There are more techniques you can add to this basic closing technique to make it work more effectively.

One way to increase its effectiveness is to practice turning negative concerns and objections into positive wants. For example:

A concern over the cost of a product could be turned into the positive question:

If you could have it at a lower price you would want to buy it?

Then you follow up with how you can reduce the price and give a really good reason why you would need the customer to sign the deal today. For example:

I can give you free delivery but it would have to go out on the truck tomorrow as we have a delivery very close to your address.

Then ask the closing question in whatever way is appropriate to your market and customers. For example:

If we can complete the order form now I can get it on to tomorrow’s delivery schedule?

Yes I know it is not strictly a question. But you’re a sales professional, with a nice upward inflexion towards the end of the sentence you can get it to sound like a question.

A good sales closing technique

This is a good sales closing technique and one that is worth investing in to get it working well for you.

You can see more on negotiating a sales close, and how to put it into action at Sales negotiation training...

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