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The Sales Buzz Issue 161 - How to prepare for a sales pitch
May 09, 2012

Sales people are always being told to prepare before each meeting or sales pitch with prospects. But no one tells you how to prepare.

My opinion is; many sales managers and trainers don’t know how to do it and that’s why they can’t tell you. Here’s how I tell my sales team to get ready to make a sale...

How to Prepare for a Sales Pitch

When preparing for a sales pitch or an informal conversation with a prospect, there are two parts to the communication and both require preparation:

1. The content

2. The way the content is communicated.

Preparing the Communication

Both the content and the communication are equally important to the success of the meeting or presentation, and you can, and should, prepare for both parts.

When I coach sales people they often say that it is difficult to prepare how the content will be communicated when it will be an interactive meeting as they don’t know where the conversation will lead.

My answer is; preparation for the way you communicate the content or conduct the meeting means planning an agenda, a process that you follow to reach your goal.

The process is like an agenda for your sales meetings and you can build your preparation around it. You will know what information you will need at each stage of the process and you will have prepared how you will communicate it.

You can see more on using a sales process for your sales meetings with prospects at Sales Training course...

Preparing the Content

The content can be researched, the recipients of the message can be researched, and with good preparation the right content can be found.

You can then put it together in a way that will work to the success of your sales meetings and presentations no matter who they are with.

It doesn’t matter if you're meeting will be a formal presentation with Power Point to a room full of buyers, or a conversation with just one other person, the content should be prepared as much as possible using the information that you have and can gain from research while considering needs, benefits, and features.

So what do you actually research, what information do you look for, and how do you put some structure to your preparation?

Think about the sections of your meeting or sales pitch and prepare the information you will need for each section.

You could have a Questioning section so prepare a list of the information you want to gain from your questions.

In your sales presentation you will present features and benefits which show how your sales offer will meet the needs discovered by your sales questions, so prepare the information you could use in that section of the sale.

Consider all other sections of the sales process that you will use such as the Introduction, Objection Handling, and Closing the sale, and prepare the information that you might need for each one.

Preparation should be structured around the process that you intend to use when you meet with your prospect. First decide on your process, your agenda for the meeting, then prepare the information you will need for each section of that agenda.

I’m a great believer in using structured processes for all parts of selling, whether it’s the first sales pitch, overcoming objections, or making sales appointments. You can see the courses I use with my sales team, which are all built around a structured process, by clicking 4 Sales Training course...

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