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Already Proven to Work 

The 4 sales training courses in this package will show you how to sell with confidence by using step by step training on what to do and say at each stage of the selling process.

sales training course

The courses were created specifically to increase results for: 

Employed sales people working for large or small organisations. 

Self employed people selling their own services full or part time.

Small businesses around the world that don’t have access to corporate sales training.

And for managers to use to train their sales teams. 

This training has already proven successful for sales people around the world so you can be confident it will work for you.

The 4 Sales Training Courses

The training courses use unique techniques and exercises to take you through the stages of a sale.

From creating scripts for sales appointments, to giving effective presentations, confidently overcoming objections, and using successful closing techniques.

If you want to increase your sales, grow your business, or have real job security, then read on. Here’s an overview of the courses included in the package.

You can see more information on each course by clicking the links...

Course 1.  Making Sales Appointments by Telephone 

Learn how to confidently make cold calls for sales appointments even if you hate making them now. Quickly fill your diary and get in front of more qualified potential buyers to close more sales.

See more information on this course in a new window by opening Sales Appointments.

Course 2.  Selling Success Using a Sales Process

Close more sales with this step by step training on the stages of the actual sale. All the sales techniques have been proven to work in real selling situations, not just classroom role plays.

See more information on this course in a new window by opening Sales Training Course.

Course 3.  Closing the Sale

Close more sales with techniques and ideas that have been proven to work for: B2B selling, Direct Sales, Telesales, and Account Management.

Add these techniques to the first 2 sales training courses and you’ll convert more of your prospects to paying customers.

See more on this course by opening How to Close a Sale.

Course 4.  How to Overcome Objections

Imagine what a difference it will make when you learn how to confidently overcome objections. Never again fear objections by knowing exactly what to do and say when hit with a sales objection at any stage of your sales pitch.

See more by opening How to Handle Objections.

Everything You Need to be Successful 

You can now have all 4 sales training courses in one special package with a discount of 30% on the usual price.

sales training course

Here’s what you would usually pay for these 4 courses:

Making Sales Appointments by Telephone - £24.50
Selling Success the complete sales process - £24.50
Overcoming Sales Objections - £14.99
How to Close a Sale - £9.99

Total price  £73.98 
That's around $115 US

Buy Now

While this discounted offer is available you can download all 4 sales training courses for £49.99 by clicking the buy now button.

That's around $76 US and a discount of over 30% on the usual price.

Discounted price for the 4 Courses may be withdrawn at any time and courses will be sold separately at full price after that time.

What You Get in the Courses

You get the text, exercises, step-by-step guides, trainer notes, power point slides, and most of all the benefit of 25 years experience.

The text is written just as I present it in live training sessions.

Step by step guides show you how to create sales appointment calls and sales pitches in your own words.

The unique exercise programs help you to discover information. You then use that information to create really effective sales pitches and appointment cold calls. 

And you get trainer notes and power point slides to help you if you’re presenting the courses to others.

I also offer you my assistance by email to answer any questions that you may have while completing the courses. 

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You can download the courses now and start using them today to increase your sales by clicking the button. 

Downloading is Simple

The sales training courses are easy to down load and save to your PC, laptop, or tablet. If you have any problems downloading the courses you can get assistance via the website at Contact Form  

Secure Payment

All payments are made through the secure Pay Pal website, so you can use credit or debit cards with no need to set up a Pay Pal account, or you can use an existing Pay Pal account. Pay Pal is a secure site used by millions of people to make safe payments over the Internet.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you use the course, and complete all the exercises, and you don’t get an increase to your sales results, you can return the completed course within 90 days of purchase and I will refund the cost, so you’ve nothing to lose. 

That’s how confident I am that these courses will work for you.

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Four Professional Sales Courses that give you everything you need to be successful for the discounted price of £49.99 

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About the Author 

Stephen Craine is a professional  sales manager and corporate trainer.

The courses and information on this website are the result of over two decades of hands on sales training and management experience.

That means the training you'll  find here has been developed and refined while working with real sales professionals in a wide range of markets and industries.

The selling techniques have been tested and proven while selling to real prospects, not just in classroom role plays.

Because real sales people depend upon this training being effective you know that you can also depend upon the results you will achieve when you invest in the courses.

With a full money back guarantee, and direct contact with the author via the contact pages of this website, you can see that we have every confidence in the service we offer.

What you get is a unique and successful approach to training, on all aspects of selling, that can be relied upon to give you results.

You can read more about Stephen, and his goals for this website, by opening the about us page in a new window.

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