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The Sales Buzz Issue 92 -Hit Sales Targets with a 3 step motivation technique
October 05, 2010

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Hit sales targets with this 3 Step Process

Hit sales targets by getting motivated with a 3 step process developed by a successful manager and proven by working professionals. Follow these 3 steps to increase sales and grow your business. See what this sales motivation technique can do for you by scrolling down to Hit sales targets and increase sales...

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Hit sales targets with this 3 Step Process

Hit sales targets by following a proven 3 step process that will get you focused and motivated.

Focus on your real target, the one that will give you the most benefit.

Get daily motivation by breaking it down into small achievable chunks.

Only take the actions that will achieve target.

Sell more effectively by adding an effective sales pitch.

Step 1. What’s your real sales target

I’ve worked with companies and small businesses that had really confusing sales targets.

So many of several products had to be sold, then so much revenue, plus so many add-ons.

The poor sales staff had no chance of hitting all these targets. They couldn’t get focused on a set of actions that would build into a process for hitting targets.

So, if you set targets for sales people, own a small business, or work for yourself, take a look at your sales targets and simplify them. Sales people get motivated and focus on selling when targets are simple.

If you are a sales person take a few minutes to analyse your sales targets and pick out what you really need to sell to hit your bonus or grow the business.

Here’s a really good sales tip: Understand what you should be selling to get the most benefit for you.

Understand what you have to sell each sales period to achieve your sales target, and get the most benefit for you. The benefit is usually bonus, commission, or recognition. It can be growing your business, or hitting certain benchmarks.

Step 2. Give yourself a small achievable target

Sales people are motivated to hit sales targets when they have small, achievable, daily goals.

Take your simplified target and chunk it down into smaller daily or weekly goals. When you stand at the beginning of a sales month and look forward your target can appear to be a big unachievable objective. Some see it as a dark obstacle between them and success, or even just keeping their job.

To get rid of this picture and re-frame it as a motivating image, break the big dark target down into small bright daily goals.

Stop looking at what you have to achieve by the end of the month and look at what you have to complete tomorrow or just the next week.

The ideal mindset for a successful sales person: All you have to do is hit tomorrow’s target. Do that every day and by the month end you hit sales targets and you have achieved success.

Step 3. The way to hit sales targets

The last step is to make it easy for you to hit sales targets because all your actions are focused on just one thing – Selling to get the most benefit for you.

Start with your sales target and work backwards. If you have a monthly target of 20 units, and you have chunked that down into 1 unit per day as a nice bright small achievable daily goal, how can you make it easy to achieve it?

How many sales prospects do you need to pitch to in order to sell 1 unit per day and hit sales targets?

If you convert on average 1 prospect out of every 3 you pitch to, you will need to pitch to 3 prospects per day to hit each daily goal. To pitch to 3 sales prospects you may need to make 4 sales appointments, as on average 1 in 4 may cancel or postpone.

You know what you need to do tomorrow. And you know what you need to do to plan for that success. Plan your appointments, close your normal average of prospects, and achieve success.

Hit sales targets with 3 easy steps

I know the above sales training looks easy, simple, and you may feel like ignoring it because you want something more technical, advanced, and complicated.

The above 3 step process to hit sales targets is simple but it works on many deeper levels. It re-frames how sales people see targets and makes them look achievable.

The message it gives the brain is that all a sales professional has to do is hit today’s target.

It gives sales people simple actions on which to focus to give them the best chance of hitting targets. All this leads to motivation to achieve very small simple goals.

It stops them getting distracted by vague targets and prevents them looking for shortcuts or complicated new ways to sell.

And it gets people motivated to complete the actions that will lead to success.

Give the above process a try and share your comments on the Sales-Training-Sales-Tips Blog.

Add a really effective sales pitch

Add a really effective sales pitch to the 3 step process and you have everything you need to hit sales targets..

You have a defined sales target to aim at.

You’ve broken it into daily goals.

You know how many prospects you have to pitch to.

You can plan your sales appointments.

Now add a really effective sales pitch so you can convert those prospects into customers.

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