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How to use free offers as part of your sales process
May 05, 2022

How To Use Free Offers As Part Of Your Sales Process

Get new prospects into your sales funnel

Free offer reluctance - I first witnessed it in the early 1990s...

I was managing a telesales team for a cable TV company.

The campaign was to give away movie channels, free, no charge, for the 3 months leading up to and including the Christmas holidays.

What could be easier?

Although the uptake of the offer was reasonably high, it wasn't an easy sale, or should that be give away.

The team were still having to 'sell' the free give away.

We were expecting quick calls, make the offer, agreement gained, close call, move on to the next one.

The Free Offer Problem.

With a free offer the seller always wants something in return.

Well we're not doing it for free are we.

The commitment with this offer was, when the 3 months free trial offer ran out, it was up to the customer to remember to cancel the movie service if they no longer wanted it.

The offer would run out in early January, if the customer didn't remember to cancel they would automatically be charged for the months after free offer.

People could see the catch, they were being asked for the commitment of adding movies to their package and later cancelling.

Would we change the rules, make them keep the movie channels for longer, would cancelling be easy?

Free Offer reluctance came up on many calls.

Now, in 2022 with the widest range of communication channels to support your sales, there are more ways to make a free offer to get prospects into your pipeline.

There are also more great ways to avoid free offer reluctance.

How can we get around the problems of free offer reluctance?

Let's discuss...

To start the conversation, here are the free offers I use to start the customer relationship, no catches, honest Free Sales Training

Avoid Free Offer Reluctance

Free offers are great, let's make them work

Whether it's a free eBook, a trial of the service, or the good old BOGOFF (buy one get one free) it gives potential customers a chance to sample, use, or enjoy more of, what you sell.

Make Free Offers Work

Make your free offers work, prevent reluctance to accept them, and start your relationship with potential customers.

Make your free offer no catch

Prospects are cautious, they start looking for the catch as soon as free offer is mentioned. Many have been duped before.

They know you are not offering something for nothing, you must be gaining something from your offer.

Make your catch, your gain, an obvious one.

I offer free sales training eBooks on my website. They are some of my best work and have techniques included which are valuable.

My free offer message - Honest and obvious

If the prospect likes what I offer for free, they may want to buy the longer courses that cover more topics and offer complete sales training programmes.

That's my catch, my gain, and I make it clear in the free eBooks, on my website, and in conversations with sales people.

Is there a way to make your gain an obvious one that will make the prospect comfortable?

Make the Free Offer worthwhile

What will the prospect gain from the free offer?

I've seen many sales offers where there is no real gain for the prospect.

The first chapter of a book - What good is that without the rest of it.

A free trial of a service - Will they actually gain anything during the trial or will a trial just let them see how things work? Include a gain.

How does the free offer move into the full sale or continuation of service? - Lay out the path from where they are now, to using the free offer, to becoming a customer. Add incentives along the way, motivate them to move forward.

See an example of how a Free Offer starts

I have a full page of Free Sales Training eBooks on my website. Each one gives the reader a valuable and useable lesson.

They are a stand alone product but also lead nicely into the next eBook, which is a mini course at a very reasonable price on the same subject.

The mini-course includes a discount if the customer likes the mini-course and wants the full training course, including exercises and slides on the same topic. See how the free offer leads to the mini-course which leads to the full course at: Free Sales Training

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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