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The Sales Buzz Issue 76 - Close more sales – Connectors and motivators to help close sales
June 09, 2010

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A Free Sales Training eBook - Connectors & Motivators

They make your sales pitch flow and help you to close more sales.

In the last 4 issues of the Sales Buzz we have looked at the sales lines that you can use to connect each of the sales stages. These are the motivators and suggestions that help to move the buyer with you on to the next stage of the sale.

The feedback and reaction to these techniques has been great.

Many newsletter readers, and visitors to the back issues, have asked for the techniques to be put together in a download that they can use and share with others.

Today as a Sales Buzz subscriber you get first chance to see and save the new free sales training eBook that covers all the techniques we have discussed in the last few weeks.

It also includes the techniques in this week’s newsletter on using connectors and motivators to help close more sales.

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Also in this edition of The Sales Buzz:

Closing the Sale using connectors and motivators

This week we look at how you motivate the sales prospect to move with you from your Sales Presentation to the Sales Closing stage.

This is the last in the series of sales training articles on using connectors and motivators to help you close more sales. The techniques are also included in the free eBook Connectors & Motivators to help you close more sales.

Scroll down the page and see sales techniques that you can add to your existing skills on How to close more sales ...

Retail Sales Tips

There’s a great new page added to the Sales Training Sales Tips website. Retail Sales Tips will show anyone that sells in shops, showrooms, or forecourts, how to approach customers.

Do you or your team still ask customers if they want any help?

Do you ask if they are okay, or if you can help them with anything?

Learn how you can change the way you approach your customers and give them really good reasons to talk to you and let you sell to them.

Open Retail Sales Tips and see how you can sell to more customers today.

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Free Sales training eBook
Connectors and Motivators

Connectors and motivators make your sales pitch flow smoothly from one sales stage to the next and then help you to close the sale.

Most traditional sales training focuses on what you say and do at each sales stage.

For example how to use features and benefits during a sales presentation.

This free eBook will show you how to connect each of those sales stages using lines that motivate your sales prospects to move with you along the path towards closing the sale.

The training can be adapted for all types of sales: Direct sales, B2B, Retail and showroom, Field sales, and even Telesales and Appointment making.

The sales techniques are meant to be added to your existing traditional sales skills.

You still need to be able to complete all the usual actions and techniques at each sales stage.

Think of this as an addition to those existing skills that will increase your conversion rate.

Just click on the image above or open the link below to the free eBook. Then you can use the free sales training, save it to your files, and feel free to share it with colleagues and friends.

Open Connectors & Motivators free eBook.

Help to close more sales

Closing is not the most difficult part of the sales process. If you can grab your prospect's interest in the sales introduction, and keep it through the other sales stages, closing can be straightforward.

Using these connectors and motivators will help you grab the buyer’s attention and keep it as you ask your sales questions and present your sales proposals.

The techniques that we have covered in the last few issues of this newsletter all work together to get you and the buyer along the path towards closing the sale.

The section in this week’s newsletter, on how to connect your sales presentation to your sales close, works really effectively.

It is something my sales teams have used and developed over many years.

And it is also included in the free eBook that you can open and save by clicking the image or opening Connectors & Motivators free eBook.

If you missed the earlier editions of the free sales training newsletter you can see all the back issues with the full series of articles on this topic. Click the link and start at Issue No 72 on the Sales Buzz Back Issues page

What do you think of the free eBook?

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Moving to Closing the Sale After Making A Sales Presentation

The sales techniques here will give you ideas to add to your existing sales closing skills.

These brief but important lines can have a great impact on motivating your sales prospects to follow the path that you want them to.

Before we look at motivators and suggestions to help move to closing the sale let’s look at how you got to this point in the sales stages.

You have used great
Sales Introduction Techniques to introduce yourself and grab the buyer’s attention.

Then you have motivated the buyer to move with you to the Sales Questioning stage of the sale.

Once you discovered all the needs, wants, and desires that the buyer had you used connecting suggestions to move to the Sales Presentation stage.

Now you have presented your sales solution and you are ready to move to closing the sale.

Closing should follow on from the presentation

What do you say after your sales presentation to lead you and the sales prospect into the closing stage.

Many sales people see their sales presentation and the closing stage of a sale as two completely separate parts of their sales pitch.

In the presentation stage they show all the positives about the features and benefits of their product.

Then they get to the closing stage and see this as the big question to get the buyer to say yes, or a time to try and trick the buyer into committing to buy from them.

When I’m out in the field coaching sales people I often see and hear a big change in their voice, words, expression, and body language, when it comes to closing the sale.

So the first action to take is to see the close as a natural follow on from the sales presentation stage of the sale.

No sharp intake of breath as you go to ask the big closing question.

No sudden change from a nice sales presenter to a hard-nosed sales person.

No letting your voice and body language show you are expecting a NO from the prospect.

Just a natural follow on from your sales presentation that starts with a simple question to make sure you have covered everything in your sale presentation.

Summarise and check you have
covered everything

Before you get into the closing stage of the sale you need to check that your sales presentation has covered all the benefits the customer wants.

You sales presentation may have been a short few lines about a specific benefit the buyer can get from your product or service. Or it could have been a full power point presentation with many sections and sub-sections on what you can do for the buyer.

Your summary, and checking that you have covered everything, must take the content and length of your presentation into account.

You are going to ask the buyer if you have shown them how they will gain all the benefits they want from the product or service you have presented. You have to make it easy for the buyer.

So your next action is to: Give an overview of what you have just presented and link it back to the needs, wants, and desires they told you about in the sales questioning stage of the sales pitch.

Then ask: Have I covered everything and does this give you everything you wanted.

Remember, this is not your closing question. Think of this as a trial close. a way to test the water before you ask for the sale. His is just a way to connect the sales presentation with the sales close, and move the buyer with you to that stage.

The more positive the response to the two questions:

1. Have I covered everything

2. Does the product give you what you want

The easier it will be to close the sale.

If you can see how this connecting link from sales presentation to sales closing will work, but you want help with what to say to actually close the sale, take a look at this.

This is a workbook training course aimed specifically at Sales Closing.

The workbook course has been developed with working sales people that wanted training on how to close a sale.

The feedback I have had includes:

Confidence when closing sales

The sales close becomes a natural part of the sales pitch

The closing question became specific for the product and the buyer

What you get

This sales training course, in a compact training workbook, will show you everything you need to learn how to close a sale.

Click the Buy Now button and download the course now for just £9.99

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40 Pages of straight to the point sales training on closing sales. No waffle to pad out hundreds of pages, and no complicated selling techniques that don’t work outside of the sales training classroom.

Sales training designed for sales people to pick up quickly and easily put into action in real sales situations, not just training role plays.

You can download the course to your PC now and start using it today.

A complete training course on How to Close a Sale for just £9.99

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All payments are processed on the secure Pay Pal website. You can use credit or debit card. Or your existing Pay Pal account.

If you have any problems with downloading the workbook course, or if you have any questions, simply contact me via the contact pages of the website at contact page.

Short and to the point - Effective - and Practical

That's my aim with The Sales Buzz Free Newsletter and with all the selling and career techniques on the sales training website. You can learn sales skills without spending huge amounts of money or ploughing through long boring books.

Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn sales skills
  • Short and to the point
  • Simple to put into action

To make sure you don't miss out on all the right updates for you get the sales training Blog and you're in control of when you read the latest additions to the site.

The Sales Buzz

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Wishing you the very best with your sales career.

Stephen Craine

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