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The Sales Buzz Issue 264 - The Benefits of Becoming an Independent Sales Agent
March 30, 2015

The Benefits of Becoming an Independent Sales Agent

Independent sales agents are self employed sellers and the lifestyle, being your own boss, and choosing what you sell and who you sell it for are making the role very popular.

How would you feel about being your own boss.

Having the flexibility of being self employed.

Having the job security of selling on behalf of several different companies so you never face redundancy again.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider this career move and become a sales agent.

No more reporting to a manager or director that you don’t respect. You’re the boss and you make the important decisions about your future.

More Benefits of Being an Independent
Sales Agent

If like me you’ve worked in an employed sales role maybe you’re fed up with being given other tasks that are beneficial for the company but they’re not sales related, and they won’t help you hit your target and earn your commission.

I spent many years in the service sector.

Every time logistics made a mistake it was my teams that were sent out to put things right.

The finance dept would make poor decision on price increases or found a new way to squeeze extra money from loyal customers.

Then it was my sales team that had to deliver the bad news and deal with cancellations.

When you work for yourself as a sales agent all your actions are focused on wining sales because that’s what you get paid for, in fact it’s all you get paid for.

Commercial sales agents only get paid commission, no basic salary, just a commission payment for what they sell.

But the commission payments take into consideration that there is no basic pay, no company car, laptop or mobile, and are the commission rates for a sales agent are way above what an employed sales person gets.

As an independent sales agent you’re saving the company you sell for, the principle, a huge chunk of money on staffing costs, so they can afford to pay more commission. It’s a win-win situation.

Disadvantages to Being a Commercial
Sales Agent

The main disadvantages to becoming a self employed sales agent are the costs that are normally paid for by an employer.

A company car, telephone, computer, internet services, and all the things employed people get for free, you now have to source and pay for.

You can claim a lot of the additional expenses against your taxes, the allowances will vary depending upon the country you are living in. The best way to do that is through an accountant and there will be a charge for their services.

Although there are additional costs many good sales people have made a successful, and enjoyable, career as an independent sales agent.

If you have the sales skills, the organisational skills to manage yourself and your sales actions as a business, and the motivation to work unsupervised, it could be worth looking into the possibilities of becoming a sales agent.

More Information on Self Employed
Sales Agents

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Improve your Sales Skills

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