Sales Agents UK

Connecting Businesses World Wide with Top UK Sales People connects businesses from the UK and worldwide with top quality experienced sales people in the UK.

They have an exclusive focus on the UK which gives businesses access to their networks of existing agents with sales connections.

They will actively work with you every step of the way and provide much more than a listing service and a network.

Because of their connections and reputation there are always new opportunities for top quality sellers to become self-employed agents.

Existing agents can get the latest information on new product and service sales opportunities in the UK.

Their successful platform brings together businesses looking to sell into the UK, and sales people looking for products and services to sell in the UK.


Businesses Looking for
Sales Agents in the UK

A great service for businesses from the UK and worldwide looking for self- employed, commission based sales agents to sell their products into the UK marketplace.

Having worked with many businesses I know the benefits of outsourcing a sales operation:  Less costs, reduced administration, and only paying for successful sales. have a vast data base of existing quality agents looking to add products and services to their portfolios. Many of these will already have existing relationships and connections in your marketplace.

To learn more about how your business could benefit from advertising with

Successful Sales People Looking
for Opportunities

For successful sales people looking for self-employed commission only opportunities are well worth contacting.

Registered sellers receive regular opportunities by email, advice blogs, and a free forum so they can interact with other top professionals.

Working on a self-employed commission-only basis gives you flexibility over how you approach your sales role and the range of products or services you sell. You can make use of your existing contacts and networking as you increase the range in your portfolio.

You can register now, with no costs, and learn more about this sales career opportunity on the opportunity page.

Benefits for Businesses using
Sales Agents

As a sales manager, and more recently head of sales with an international group of companies, I can see many situations where using a sales agent is a great benefit to a business.

For UK businesses with existing sales teams there may be areas of the UK which are remote from your headquarters, require one agent for a large area, or where it is uneconomical or just not practical to have an employed sales representative working for you.

You can cut that costs and only pay for sales results by having a self-employed agent selling on your behalf. 


Is your Current Sales Team
Cost Effective?

In my experience many businesses only look at the traditional option of an employed sales team. They are usually rewarded with a salary, company car, and a bonus or commission for sales made.

Then there are the other costs related to employing a sales team: Administration, National Insurance contributions, covering holidays, sickness, or maternity leave.

There could be a pension scheme, mobile phone costs, office space, and many other costs that if examined make employed sales people uneconomical and a drain on the business.

Many companies are looking at alternatives and having sales agents working on their behalf is an option worth considering.

Whether it’s to cover part of the UK, or to replace the traditional model of an employed sales team, look to and see what the benefits for your business could be.


Who Can
Connect You With

As well as top quality sales people to act as an agent and sell on your behalf, you can also connect with: Sales Representatives, Dealers, Retailers and Wholesalers, Franchisees, and Contractors.

Using their existing connections and an infrastructure using proven advertising media, and social media websites, they will get your message out and get it noticed by the right people.

See more about what they can do for you at Sales Agents Ltd

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