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The Sales Buzz Issue 97 - A Sales Objection Tip to close more sales
November 08, 2010

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Sales Objections – Add this sales tip to your objection handing and close more sales.

When a sales objection is thrown into the sale by the prospect, the seller often has a really good answer and throws it straight back at the buyer.

If the sales person is lucky the buyer only has one objection and their answer hits the target and they can carry on with the sale.

But what I’ve seen happen many times when I’m coaching sales people is:

The buyer throws up an objection.

The seller replies with a quick, rehearsed, really great answer.

The buyer has another objection and bounces it straight back to the seller.

The seller has used their best answer, and offered their best deal to overcome the first objection.

There’s a pause.

A hesitation, and the buyer doesn’t have a winning return.

When they do manage to form an answer it’s second rate because they have already given their best shot.

Result….No sale.

Now think about how the seller could take control and gain the advantage…

Add this one step to your sales objection process

Add this one step to your sales objection handling process and take control of the sale.

Let’s stop this game of objection and answer tennis, and take control of the sale like a true professional.

When the sales prospect raises an objection do not answer it. Even if you have heard the objection many times before and you have some great answers. Bite your tongue and stop yourself from firing that answer straight back at the buyer.

Instead of responding with an answer, ask the prospect some questions.

Ask for all the information you can get about the objection from the buyer’s perspective. You want to know what the real objection is and whether it is positioned in the real world or in the mind of the buyer.

You can see more about discovering the real objection at Overcoming sales objections…

When I’m coaching sales and telesales people on handling objections, once again at this stage of the objection process there is a tendency to present an answer. Don’t do it, not just yet, hold back and ask just one more question.

The next question to ask is: Are there any more objections.

You want to know if there are any more obstacles to the sale.

You want to know if there are any other concerns that could stop the sale, before you answer the first objection.

You’re saying: If I can overcome the objection are you going to buy from me.

Only when you have asked those 2 sets of questions should you present your response to the buyer.

Then you know you can give your very best answer to cover all concerns and obstacles, because there are no more objections to come out.

You’ve questioned the objection, and you have all the concerns that could stop the sale, so what’s next…

The sales objection handling process

The above questions are the first stage of a 4 step sales objection handling process.

The next step is to present your answer that covers all the potential obstacles to your sale. There are proven techniques for presenting your answer that will have a great impact on the buyer.

Then you follow the next 2 steps to complete the process and close the sale.

This simple 4 step process has been used by sales professionals and has proven really successful.

It works in all types of sales: B2B, Direct sales, Field sales, and Telesales.

I’ve used it with my sales teams in real sales situations with real customers.

You can see more information on the 4 step objection process, and what it can do for you by clicking the image or opening How to handle sales objections

How to Handle Sales Objections is published by the website

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Stephen Craine

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