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The Sales Buzz Issue 68 - X Factor sales people and how they do it
March 23, 2010

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Get the X factor and increase your sales

X factor sales people get the most rewards recognition and respect. Learn how to pick up the habits that will make you an energized top performer.

The X factor is used to describe that special something that some people have. You can see it all around you, in every field of work, sport, and entertainment. Itís not always the most qualified or experienced people that are the most successful.

The X factor can bring success to all sales people, gain them the best rewards, and make work a pleasure as the more you do the more energized you feel. Scroll down to learn more about X factor sales people...

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Learn to be an X Factor Sales Professional

Youíve heard of the X factor. That special mix of attitude and aptitude that our sports heroes have.

The magical combination of skill and the right action played out while they are in the zone.

The X factor can be the presence that your favourite actor has on stage or screen.

It can be the difference between a legendary singer or musician and someone that just sings or plays with a technical knowledge that lacks attitude and style.

Many of the people we regard as the very best in their field are not technically the best. Often the technical or most knowledgeable do not hit the top spot. They lack that special something that the stars have.

The X factor is everywhere

The X factor doesnít only show up in sports and show biz.

Every profession has its stars. Look at the rise of the celebrity chefs. You donít watch them because their food tastes great. You watch them because they have that special something that other regular chefs with the ability to cook a great dish donít have.

You can see the X factor everywhere, in every type of job.

Have you ever seen a TV program called the Dog Whisperer?

Cesar Millan is a dog behaviour specialist. He has so much of the X factor that he now has his own show and is doing a world tour. There are thousands of dog behaviour specialists and many of them are more technically qualified than Cesar. But they wouldnít draw the crowds that the Dog Whisperer does.

How do you spot a sales person with the X factor?

These are the people that make it look easy.

They have a natural talent for knowing what to say at the right time and in the right way.

Sales trainers call this unconscious competence. If you asked the X factor sales person to explain how they do what they do, they canít tell you.

They often tell you they are persistent, or they just talk to customers. Ask them to tell you what their opening sales introduction is, or their closing question, and they have to run through a recent sale because they havenít really thought about it.

Whatís the benefit of having the X factor in sales?

These natural sellers get the best rewards. Their careers move faster up the ladder, they earn more bonuses and commissions. You will always find them at the head of a race for incentives and prizes.

X factor sales people also get recognition from employers, and gain respect from colleagues. Sales managers will send new recruits to learn from them. Although in many cases this is a waste of time because the X factor sales person often doesnít know how they do what they do.

What makes an X factor sales professional?

Here are some of the points Iíve noticed while working with these top sales professionals:

They have no fear of rejection

They accept that as a sales person the more people you try and sell to the more rejection you will face. Thereís no embarrassment, they donít take sales objections personally, and it rarely affects their levels of motivation.

Many of them get even more motivated to make a sale after they have just lost one. They get straight on to the next prospect.

They have a goal

When I have questioned top performers, X factor sales people, about why they are so motivated and full of energy I get the same answer from them all. They all say, I want something. They all have a reason for coming to work, and a reason for taking more actions than their colleagues.

It can be something they are going to do with the money they earn. A long term goal, such as buying a house, second home, or retiring early.

They may want to move away from something. This can be negatives that they have faced like: living in a poor area, struggling to pay bills, low self esteem, or being looked down on by others.

They are focused on success

Have you worked with people that are easily distracted from the actions that will generate sales?

They canít pass a coffee machine or water cooler without stopping for a drink. They chat to colleagues or send emails rather than making that next sales call.

They call into the office when they could be out in the field selling. If their last appointment cancels they go home instead of spending an hour prospecting.

X factor sales professionals are focused. If it isnít working towards winning that next sale it doesnít get done. As a sales manager I can tell you that admin and reports are often hated by these high achievers because it takes time that could be spent selling and moving them towards their goal.

They just do it

For a sales person with the X factor, selling, telephone calls, prospecting, appointment making, and all the other sales related activities are done with an ease and natural momentum.

You never hear them say, I have to go to an appointment now, or Iíll make some calls in a few minutes. They donít think about it or talk about it, they just do it.

In the same way some people get up and go to the coffee machine without thinking or talking, the top performers make a call or knock on a door.

A member of my sales team goes home a different way each evening and prospects all the way home. This can add an extra sale to his day or give him a handful of new prospects to work on.

How can you become an X factor sales performer?

For some it appears to come natural. But it can be learned. You have to start adding one action at a time until it becomes a habit.

Set a motivational goal

But before you do that you need a purpose, a goal, a benefit that you are willing to work towards. For free sales training on setting goals and achieving them open Motivational sales training in a new window then come back here.

Learn X factor sales habits

Once you have a goal you can start learning and adding habits that will make you successful.

Think of one action right now that could give you a reward towards your goal. Just one, and it doesnít have to be a big one.

Here are some examples Iíve used with my sales teams:

At least 10 sales appointment calls before 10am each day.

Knock on 10 doors on my way home each evening.

Contact 100 new prospects each week.

Now itís your turn. Come up with one action that will make a difference to you. If possible think of an action that you could take at a time that currently isnít productive for you. For example: Before you have a coffee each morning you will make 10 sales prospecting calls.

Just do it

If your attitude is holding you back change it. Knocking on a prospectís door, picking up the phone, walking into a sales appointment, should all be as natural and easy to do as driving your car.

No fear of rejection. If you are going to increase your sales you are going to face more rejection. Use it as a measure and be happy about it. Think to yourself, Yipppeee, Iím getting more rejection, more customers saying no, I must be taking more actions.

Youíll know when youíve got it

Youíll know when youíve got the X factor because instead of going for the coffee youíll make a call.

Instead of feeling down and going home when an appointment cancels youíll be motivated to go looking for another one.

Youíll perform all your sales activity with a natural flow and it will take no energy. The more you work the more energized you will feel.

You can see a whole section of motivation tips and techniques that will help you in every part of your sales role, and parts of your personal and social life. Open Motivation information in a new window and see what you can use.

Short and to the point - Effective - and Practical

That's my aim with The Sales Buzz Free Newsletter and with all the selling and career techniques on the sales training website. You can learn sales skills without spending huge amounts of money or ploughing through long boring books.

Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn sales skills
  • Short and to the point
  • Simple to put into action

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The Sales Buzz

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Wishing you the very best with your sales career.

Stephen Craine

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