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The Sales Buzz Issue 167 - Sales People – What Should You Wear
July 26, 2012

In this week's Sales Training newsletter we look at what you should wear...

Sales people, what should you wear, how should you dress to support your image and what does a customer want to see. Your dress style should support the image you want to project, but how do you do that...

Sales People – What Should You Wear

Sales people, what should you wear? Should you dress to impress, or wear something that makes creates a connection with your customers.

If you’re not sure about the answer to this question then you are not on our own. Sales managers, trainers, and directors, all have different opinions on how their sales teams should dress. So with all these conflicting ideas how are you supposed to know what will work best for you?

One answer you might want to consider is to ask yourself the question; what image am I trying to achieve?

Salesperson or technician

Think about how you want your customers to view you.

Do you want them to see you as a technical expert, an engineer, or a hands-on person who knows their way around the product because of practical experience.

If so, dress for the part. Who would you like to buy a car from, a smart suited sales person or a mechanic in overalls who appears to know about cars.

Which one would you trust to give you honest and correct information.

If you sell a practical product, a piece of machinery, or a service such as building, plumbing, landscaping, then consider dressing in a way that says; I know what I’m talking about.

I recently bought new windows for my house. I didn’t buy from the two companies that sent smart suited salespeople to give me a quote. I bought from the company that sent a window fitter round between jobs, and he wasn’t the cheapest of the three.

Do you project confidence

When you want your buyer to have confidence in you and what you say what should you wear. Put yourself in the buyer’s position and consider what dress style would give you confidence in the seller. Depending on the product it could be a look of affluence, a clean cut image, a modern fashionable style, or a conservative old school image.

Would you buy a financial product from someone that looked like they were broke. Would you sign a building contract with someone that had clean smooth hands and wore a suit that said they had never done a day of manual labour. Would you buy a holiday or vacation where you wanted night life, wild parties, and two weeks of fun, from a clean cut sales person who looked like they were in bed by 9pm every night.

Think like a buyer

Think about the times that you have been a customer, whether it was for a high value purchase, like your home, or a low priced impulse buy such as retail shopping. What did you look for in the person who sold you the product. What was there about the way the sales person dressed that supported their image and worked towards influencing you to trust their opinions and presentations. Was there anything that put you off them or conflicted with the image you wanted to see or that they were trying to project.

Go back through the sales process and this time notice what they were wearing. Sometimes the fact that you can’t remember what they were wearing is a sign that it worked effectively, you are far more likely to remember negatives and things that stood out than you are good sales dress sense that matched your expectations.

Sales people; what you should wear, the image you want to project, and how you want your buyers to perceive you are all an important part of the sales process. You can see more ideas and techniques on how to create a supporting image to help influence your buyers at Professional Selling skills...

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