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The Sales Buzz Issue 98 - Sales Objection - Want another quote
November 16, 2010

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Sales Objections – I want another quote

Earlier this month Doug Armstrong, from Grand Rapids Mi, sent in this question to the
Sales-Training-Sales-Tips website.

In an, "In Home Sales Presentation," for a home improvement project, I do not have a good response to, " You are the first person we've spoken to, we need to get at least two more quotes."

This is a great question on a sales objection that I know many of us come up against when trying to close a sale.

Let’s start with a basic truth about handling sales objections:

There is no one answer that will overcome this or any other sales objection.

When a prospect raises a sales objection it is very rare that they are giving you enough information to really overcome that objection.

That's because each of the prospects that raise this objection could have a different real objection.

Here's some examples

When a sales prospect gives you this objection they could mean:

They think they should get other quotes because that's what people are supposed to do when buying something.

A business customer might have a buying strategy or a company process that includes getting a set number of quotes.

The prospect has some reservations but don't want to tell you directly so they raise a smoke screen objection.

Their buying strategy is to look at several options and narrow it down to just one.

They're not really sure about what they want and they're learning more from each sales person they see.

And there are many more possible real objections behind the same words.

So the same objection can mean as many different things as the number of people that raise it. The best way to answer the objection is to find the true objection behind it.

The first step to overcoming objections

The first step in your sales objection handling process should be to discover the real objection.

You can see more on discovering the real objection at Discovering the real Sales Objections

The objection of ‘I need more quotes from other suppliers,’ will be based around the buyer's strategy for making a decision to buy. The process they will follow to decide which product to buy and who from.

So a really good question is to ask them how they are going to make their decision.

What process will they follow and what are the reasons for using that process.

A direct sale to home owners usually means the way a prospect approaches decisions on buying can be changed.

The process that they use is their choice, consciously or sub consciously, and not a mandatory rule as you sometimes get with corporate buyers.

That's a main difference between Direct Sales and B2B selling.

A common buying strategy

A common buying strategy for direct sales customers is that having 3 alternatives to choose from is an effective way to make a buying decision. The prospect takes this belief and adds to it the logical step of getting the 3 alternatives from 3 different suppliers.

If, after questioning to discover the real objection, you find that this is why the prospect wants 3 quotes you can then work on overcoming the objection.

Give the prospect what they want

What if you gave the prospect 3 alternatives?

3 different options, with 3 different prices, and a choice that matches their buying process.

It fulfils the needs that they highlighted they have when they raised the sales objection. The need to se 3 different options and 3 quotes.

Add to your presentation that the options you are offering give them everything that they would get if they went to all the trouble and inconvenience of obtaining quotes from other companies.

It could be the price

It could be that they want to make sure they are getting the best price available.

One way to deal with this is to have the prices of your competitors to show your prospects. You may not be the cheapest so make sure you explain why your product is better.

The prices have to look genuine, such as real quotes or pricelist.

If you can't overcome it

You will never overcome all objections.

If the prospect insists on seeing two other suppliers there is still some actions you can take.

Ask for another meeting

Explain that customers often look favourably at the last sales presention they see. Ask if they would do you the courtesy of meeting with you again after seeing the other two suppliers.

This gives you another chance to close the sale.

Use a good sales objection process

Make sure you are using a proven sales objection process that includes discovering the real concerns the prospect has.

Here's the objection process I use with my working sales teams.

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