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The Sales Buzz Issue 199 - Use a Conditional Close to Negotiate Past Sales Objections
April 01, 2013

In this week’s Sales Buzz Ezine:

Have you tried using a conditional closing technique to overcome objections. You can close more sales, overcome objections, and gain some great benefits for yourself as a condition attached to your offer.

How do you do it....Read on...

Use a Conditional Close to Negotiate Past Sales Objections

Use a conditional close to negotiate your way past sales objections and turn them into positive reasons to buy now.

This sales technique works best when objections arise as you try get to the closing stage of the sale.

It works by offering the customer a benefit that will overcome the issues that are stopping the sale from going ahead.

But instead of just presenting your solution, and seeing if that overcomes the objection, you add a condition that will give you something in return.

To make this work well you might want to offer a solution that doesn't just answer the customer’s concerns but goes well over what’s required.

You want to tempt your buyer to accept your conditional proposal.

You want to give them that something extra.

Something in addition that will make them want to snap up your offer.

Then you add the condition, the return that you get for making this offer.

A Buy Now Condition

Many sales people use a conditional close to influence the customer to buy now, to make their buying decision now if they want this great offer that has been presented.

It can be one of the best conditions to use as it can have a high conversion rate in some types of sales.

What you must do when using the Buy Now conditional close is to make the reasons the customer must make their decision now believable. This can be an offer that you can only hold open today, a logistical reason such as delivery or product availability.

Whatever it is it must be believable. I have heard sellers say they will give a certain price but only if the buyer acts now, no other reason is given and the buyer knows that a negotiation is happening.

Where this can cause problems is when the buyer thinks there may be more benefits to be had and negotiates further by driving the price down or asking for more value to be added to the deal.

If you can give a good reason why you can make your conditional offer the buyer is less likely to try to negotiate further and more likely to make their buying decision.

There is a full page on how to use a conditional close to negotiate past sales objections at Sales Negotiation Training...

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