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The Sales Buzz Issue 85 - Telesales and appointment training
August 11, 2010

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Telesales and appointment training to stop a common objection

A common objection when you make any type of telesales or appointment setting call is: Send me some information. Prospects find it an easy get-out because they are not saying no to you, but they are not saying yes either.

Scroll down the page and take a look at this telesales training that shows how you could be saying something on your sales calls that causes the prospect to use this objection. Scroll down to Telesales and appointment training to stop a common objection...

Why some businesses need to learn how to sell anything

In a competitive market. Selling a product with no unique selling point. Finding sales tough at the moment.

Read this real example of sales calls I receive every day that are a complete waste of time. Then see what could be done about it with a basic understanding of telesales training.

Scroll down to Why some businesses need to learn how to sell anything...

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Telesales and appointment training to stop a common objection

When you’re making telesales calls, tele-marketing, or trying to set sales appointments, do you find the same objections and responses coming up time after time.

I listened in to calls that my teams were making and one of these common objections was: Send me information.

It was happening in response to all kinds of telesales and appointment calls.

There are ways to get around it and we include these techniques in the telesales training that’s presented to the team.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could find out how to stop this sales call objection coming up in the first place.

And what if there was something we were doing that caused prospects to give this response.

I listened into many calls and kept accurate records of key words and phrases that were used by the telesales and appointment teams.

After many days and many calls I found one word that was a main cause of the objection: Send me some information.

By taking this one word out of our sales and appointment calls the number of times prospects asked for information was cut by a massive percentage.

What was the word and are you using it?

To find out open Telesales training to stop a common objection...

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Why some businesses need to learn how to sell anything

The telesales and prospecting calls made by many businesses are really poor and ineffective.

They show that the people making them have had no telesales training and have just been left to make up their own calls.

As a working sales manager I get bombarded by recruitment agencies trying to persuade me to use their services. Many of the calls I receive have no sales structure and the caller has no idea of how to sell.

I received a call today from a recruitment agency that wanted me to use their services. The guy introduced himself in a really professional way.

He then asked me questions about how I normally recruit and select new sales people. He hadn’t given me any reason to answer his questions but I thought I’ll give him a chance.

Then he presented what he could offer me. It was the usual same old sales pitch that I get from agencies at least 5 times a week. He had nothing to offer me that made him different. He would do a deal on the cost, but so will all the others.

He had the best candidates available to send to me. But when I questioned him he couldn’t tell me how he got the best candidates or how he would make sure they were what I wanted.

He even tried to close me by saying I should let him send me candidates so I could trial his service before deciding whether to use him or not. He probably thinks that’s a really good close but as he is phoning sales managers all day long I don’t think it will work very often.

I felt sorry for him (Not enough to give him my business) as he sounded enthusiastic but had nothing different to offer me that would move me from the agencies I currently use.

I’ll bet he goes home at night and blames the recession, the company he works for, even the prospects he phones. The truth is he has may be very good at other aspects of his job, but he knows nothing about how to sell.

Learn the basics of selling

He was in a market that is very competitive with too many agencies all chasing the same prospects.

Just dropping the price won’t work because all that happens is the competition drop theirs and a price war starts.

The only way he, and the company he works for will succeed, or even stay in business, is if they learn the basic of selling.

With a little telesales training he could make his sales pitch so much better. He just needs to follow 3 simple steps.

These are the 3 steps to How to sell anything ...

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Stephen Craine

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