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The Sales Buzz Issue 84 - Reduce stress with 5 Tips from a nutritionist
August 02, 2010

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5 Tips for reducing stress

In an interview with nutritionist Karin Elgar she passes on her top 5 tips for reducing and dealing with stress. Sales and sales management are jobs where at some time you will feel the negative influence of stress.

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Sales News

We look at sales and marketing stories in the news from around the world.

This week we look at door step sales scams in the USA.

Pyramid selling in China

And how do you deal with damaging bogus customer reviews on the Internet.

See more on these stories at Sales News from around the world...

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5 Tips for reducing stress

At some point in a sales or sales management role you will feel the effects of stress. We work long hours, spend too long sat at a desk or driving, and our performance is constantly monitored.

If you run your own business then your livelihood depends upon the decisions you make and the money you earn. As an employed salesperson your career, and keeping your job, are dependent upon your sales results to targets.

Other people turn up for mundane jobs, but we put our future on the line every month because that’s the sort of people we are.

We also get overworked and run out of selling time.

The boss gives you other things to do that don’t work towards bringing in sales.

In your own business there are emergencies, actions that need taking, and other tasks that take you away from making sales.

Add all this together and it is no wonder sales and sales management can be very stressful jobs.

5 tips for reducing stress

Karin Elgar is a respected nutritionist and in a recent interview for the Sales-Training-Sales-Tips website she gave us these 5 great tips for reducing stress.

1. Always make time for breakfast, ideally a protein based one such as wholegrain or rye bread with boiled or poached eggs, kippers or poached salmon, baked beans with scrambled egg, or yoghurt with chopped nuts and fruit. The little extra time it takes will pay off by increasing your energy levels for hours to come.

2. Don’t skip meals. Have regular main meals with healthy snacks in between. Good snacks would be nuts/seeds, hummus with vegetable sticks or oatcakes, yoghurt with fresh fruit or oatcakes with nut-butter or cottage cheese.

3. Limit sugary and highly refined foods and replace them with vegetables, fruit, nuts/seeds, protein (lean meat/poultry, eggs, fish, tofu), pulses and small amounts of whole grains such as quinoa, brown basmati rice, bulgur wheat, porridge oats, rye or wholemeal bread. These are higher in essential vitamins and minerals and help stabilise blood sugar and therefore energy levels.

4. Ensure adequate water intake. We need 1.5-2 litres (approx. 3-4 pints) per day, more if it is hot or we are exercising. Being dehydrated can have a dramatic negative effect on your energy and concentration.

5. Kick the caffeine habit! Many people when stressed keep going on stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine and sugar. Whilst these might give us a short term boost in energy they deplete us of energy long term. Caffeine increases our levels of stress hormones which gives us a short term energy boost but this is clearly counter-productive if we are suffering from stress anyway.

You can see the full interview with lots more information about nutrition, lifestyle, and reducing and dealing with stress at How to reduce stress

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Sales & Marketing in the news

The latest news round up from around the world.

Reviews by bogus customers online.

How do you fight against damaging online reviews from bogus customers. Read this article about how one small business had its reputation attacked but fought back.

Open Reviews by bogus customers

Sales scams in the USA

The Better Business Bureau logs more than 600 complaints about companies selling magazines door to door. If you sell door to door you need to know about this in case customers hit you with it on the doorstep.

Open Door step sales scams

Pyramid selling starting to hit China

Before you sign up for that really great looking MLM scheme check out the facts.

A Beijing woman surnamed Liu was promised 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) within three years if she joined a scheme that involved enrolling her friends and family. Read her story...

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