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The Sales Buzz Issue 154 -Simple Motivation Technique
March 07, 2012

A simple motivation technique that helps you to reach the best possible state to use all your resources and communicate well with customers...

A Simple Motivation Technique

Make every day a great day with this simple motivation technique that will quickly put you into the best possible state for communicating with people and closing sales.

There’s a simple motivation technique that will help sales people to make every day a great day and you can start using it right now.

Imagine if you could feel at your best whenever you needed and deflect the effects of the problems and obstacles that we sales people face.

When you talk to prospects and customers, or with your sales team, you know you can only get the best results if you appear motivated.

You know that to use all your resources and tap into your experience you have to be at the top of your game and playing from a 10.

We can all be affected by the daily issues that we have to deal with.

They can slowly bring down our motivation level.

When this happens it can show in our body language and be heard in our speech. Think about it, when you are feeling down can you access your experience and skill sets.

When you are feeling at your best you can think on your feet and use all the techniques that you have learned. We normally only feel like this after a success such as closing a sale, and we feel down after rejection which is unfortunate because that’s when we really need to be playing from a 10.

But how do you get to that state. How do you get to a 10 and stop rejection, personal problems, issues at work, and all the other negatives we face from taking effect.

Using A Simple Motivation Technique

Use this technique when you have a quiet moment, before a sales call or meeting, or in the mornings before your day starts.

Look forward to the day and the actions you will take. Now tell yourself 20 positive things about the day to come. What are you looking forward to, which bits are important to you, how will you be successful today. When you get to 20 keep going if you can. When you ask your mind the question ‘What’s good about today’, it will find answers just give it time, don’t move on until you get an answer.

If there are particular problems on your mind use this simple motivation technique to get around them and have a successful day:

Ask yourself what’s good about the situation, look for the positives, there will be some. Even sales people that are facing a difficult time due to lack of sales can find a positive such as: The situation is giving them the motivation they need to use all their skills to close sales.

The positives that you find may not outweigh the negatives and that’s not the aim of this technique.

You are looking for positives no matter how small, so that you have something to build your motivation on.

Searching for the positives asks your mind to look for what’s good and it will search out the very things that you have forgotten due to your deflated motivation.

Another good motivating question is: How can I make this situation positive. Again take as long as is needed for your mind to answer. Give it time, it will come up with something.

As you use these simple motivation techniques you will find the answers coming quicker. With the answers will come a change in your attitude and an increase in your motivation levels. You will soon find yourself on a motivational high that will show in your words, tone, and body language.

If you like these simple techniques and want to learn more from the world of motivation and sales training ten take a look t this page from our website at Motivating Sales Quotes...

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