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Sales Words - Are you as a sales person interested...
December 26, 2021

Sales Words - Do you use the word: Interested?

Sales words, the words you use at key points in your sales conversations can have a positive or negative impact on prospects that you are not aware of.

Do you ask if the prospect is Interested?

When you attempt to close the sale, use a trial close, or gain agreement from the prospect, do you ask if this is something they are interested in?

Asking if the prospect is interested is used by many sales people in different ways to test the water before using a full sales close.

Telesales people and appointment setters use it a lot.

It's a nice, no pressure word that can give you clues as to the prospect's level of; interest.

Interested could be costing you sales

When one of my telesales teams analysed their sales calls we found that using the word interested as a trial close, full close, or to gain agreement at one of the sales stages, generated an increase in the response:

Can you send me some information?

We checked the figures with other telesales teams and with appointment setters.

There was a consistent reduction in the number of requests for information when we stopped asking: Is that something you are interested in doing, or, is that of interest to you?

Try changing the words you use

As I was managing a large team of telesales people I could analyse figures and quickly get results of which sales words worked and which ones caused negative outcomes.

I now use those results in the sales training I offer on the Proven Sales Training website

The training in the sales process and closing the sale sections includes looking at sales words and selecting the best ones to use for your sales role.

Have a browse around the website and visit sections on Sales Process, How to Close Sales, Handling Sales Objections, Setting Sales Appointments, and start thinking about the words that you use and could they be changed to make them more effective?

Have a browse around at Proven Sales Training website

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