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The Sales Buzz Issue 201 - Don’t Let Your Boss Set Your Sales KPIs
April 17, 2013

In this week’s Sales Buzz Ezine:

Who sets your sales KPIs, is it your boss, or maybe if you work for yourself it’s your bank manager. See how to take control of what you do and how much you earn...

Don’t Let Your Boss Set Your Sales KPIs

If you let others set your sales KPIs you let others control your rewards.

For many employed sales people it is just natural to let their boss set their KPIs. (Key Performance Indicators)

They are told what to sell, given a sales target, they have a set number of appointments to complete, maybe even a set number of cold calls to make.

But who does this benefit?

The benefit to the sales person is that they hit their boss’s target.

That keeps the boss happy and the seller keeps their job.

Self employed sellers may have indirect sales KPIs that result in business plans and budgets being hit and this keeps the bank manager and investors happy.

But hitting targets and KPIs set by others could be limiting your reward. They set a level of expectation and influence your beliefs about what you can achieve.

Decide what you want and set your own KPIs

The most successful sales people I’ve had the privilege of working with have all made a decision about what they want and then set their own Key Performance Indicators to make sure they carried out the right activities to achieve their own goals.

These successful sales people don’t go into a new role and let the existing organisation expectations influence their beliefs about what is achievable. They look at the bonus or commission schemes, pick out the incentives they want to win, and the set personal sales KPIs that are above the company levels to make sure they are No1.

I see the other sales people come into a new role and make decisions, sometimes sub-consciously, that go something like this:

I’ll make sure the required number of sales appointments are on my diary because that will keep me out of trouble.

My pipeline will be updated weekly because that’s checked.

I’ll do my best with the sales target but it does look high, not sure if I can hit 100%, but as long as I get above 80% I’ll probably be okay.

They do what will keep them out of trouble and let the company sales KPIs limit their success and their reward.

Set KPIs and use them to drive your success

To be a top performer start by deciding what you want to achieve: Bonus, commission, incentives, promotion.

Then calculate how many sales you will need to achieve our goals.

Using your average conversion rate work out how many appointments, cold calls, and leads you will need.

Now set your own sales KPIs for actions and sales that will generate the activity that will lead to you hitting your personal sales targets.

And to help you to do that take a look at what we can provide at Online sales training courses...

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