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The Sales Buzz Issue 148 - Sales Knowledge and Experience Passed Down the Generations
January 23, 2012

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Sales knowledge and experience passed down generations of sales professionals as motivational quotes that have the power to re-frame viewpoints and change attitudes...

Sales Knowledge and Experience Passed Down the Generations

Here at the Sales-Training-Sales-Tips website we have been looking at what sales people and small business owners can gain from well known motivational sales quotes and phrases.

horn of perception Think of sales and motivational quotes as packages of knowledge and experience, passed down from sales professionals because they knew they worked.

These quotes and phrases will help sellers and small business builders to frame a positive and useful viewpoint at all times.

Let us give you these two fundamental sales quotes, as a starting point, and an explanation of how they can make a big difference to your sales results:

  • Sell the Benefits Not the Features
  • People buy Benefits not Features

Use these sales quotes in front of some career sales people or small business owners and you will get the response: Yeah, we know all that.

But how many actually do it?

How many use them when they are selling?

And do all sales people understand how powerful these basic motivating quotes for sales people are?

Think back to the last time you bought something, or the last time someone tried to sell you a product or service, either face to face or telesales. Did they present the benefits or the features?

I recently bought a new laptop and the sales pitch, from a very knowledgeable retail salesman, was all features, features, features…

He knew all the technical features but missed the point of the above sales quotes.

Buyers want Benefits.

They want to know what the product will do for them.

And they only want the benefits that meet their needs, the ones that will benefit them.

So what I wanted to know about my computer was, how it would make my life easy by getting my stuff online with a minimum of fuss.

But the salesman kept telling me how good each laptop was for gaming. I don’t do gaming, I had already told him I don’t do gaming, but he knew the features and he kept pitching them.

Yes I did buy the laptop, but only because I had pre-sold it to myself with the online information before visiting the store, and I knew which one I wanted.

Now let me ask you a question

Go inside your memories and run through some of the recent sales presentations you made to potential customers. Think about your usual sales pitch for a particular product or service.

As you watch yourself selling, be honest, did you use features and tell your buyer all about the product without relating the benefits to their specific needs and situation.

It’s an easy mistake to make.

You are, or should be, an expert on our product. You may also be passionate about what you sell or the industry and marketplace you are in. Or, maybe you want to prove your knowledge and give the customer a reason to buy from you.

But now we have brought this to your attention you are in a great position to make a few changes, use features to explain what the product does, use benefits to show what the features will do for the customer, and use the wisdom of these old motivating sales quotes to close more sales.

A store of sales experience for you to use

There are many motivational sales quotes that are based on solid fundamentals of selling and cultivating a positive attitude.

Each of these brief gems holds the seed of an idea that you can cultivate and grow into a resource for your sales career, or to help you to grow your own business.

These are techniques, ideas, skills, and attitudes that so many others have found beneficial that they have been handed down to generation after generation of sales professionals.

Take a look at more motivational quotes for sales people and see what we’re doing with them at Motivating Sales Quotes...

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