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The Sales Buzz Issue 217 - An Action to Increase Sales Conversion Rates
November 06, 2013

An Action to Increase Sales Conversion Rates

Increase your sales conversion rates by changing how you select and qualify the prospects that you target.

Think about this one simple sales training idea:

If you target prospects who are more likely to have a need for your products and services then you will close more sales.

You will convert more prospects that you make appointments with or sell to over the phone.

You will spend less time pitching your proposals to people with no, or lower needs for what you sell.

You will be more motivated because you are selling more, earning more, and growing your business.

Why people don’t already do this

If this action is so simple and it has been proven to work, how come sellers don’t all do this?

The reasons are:

Sellers like to look busy. In some organisations it’s the number of prospects that you have that is important not the quality of them.

Instead of the sales results being the most important measure of a seller’s performance other Key Performance Indicators are given the same priority as sales conversion rates.

Some sellers believe that their great skills, built up by traditional sales training, will give them the power to turn any prospect they pitch to into a customer.

Others just don’t want to let go of any prospect.If the prospect has shown just the smallest level of interest, even if they have few or no needs that their products and services can meet, some sellers will try to sell to them.

So the first action is to break away from these old beliefs.

They can have you running around pitching to lots of prospects but not earning you commission or building your business.

Then do the following...

Actions to Increase Sales Conversion Rates

1. List what a potential customer must have in terms of needs, wants, or desires, that your product or service can meet.

2. List what needs, wants, or desires, it would be good that a potential customer has that what you sell can will match. (This is like a lower level of, a tier 2, prospect that is still worth meting but will have a lower sales conversion rate.)

3. Is there anything that a potential customer must not have, even if they have the needs listed above. This could be a sales stopper, a big obstacle that you cannot overcome that will prevent you from selling to them. For example tied into a current contract.

Now look at how you qualify your potential customers. What are the questions that you ask to establish whether you want to continue the sales process, make an appointment with them, move to the next stage of your telesales pitch, or stop the process right there. Not sure on the best way to qualify your prospects? Take a look at this free sales training...

Build the above criteria into your sales qualifying questions and increase your sales conversion rate.

You can see more on closing more sales at The Sales Process...

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