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The Sales Buzz Issue 223 - Sales Conditional Closing Techniques
February 26, 2014

Sales Conditional Closing Techniques

Sales closing using a conditional close will give you the skill to turn objections into reasons to buy now, to negotiate and gain agreement to a sale, and best of all you will close more sales.

A conditional closing technique is used when a buyer raises an objection as you close the sale.

This is usually following a sales presentation or when you have shown you proposal.

The best scenario where this selling technique really comes into its own is when you have presented your proposal to the buyer and they have come back with a specific objection, or they intimate that they would like something additional to what you have proposed.

These requests for additional benefits could be: free delivery, a price discount, an upgrade, or a free guarantee.

What do you do now

At this point many inexperienced sales people will give the buyer the benefit they want and then try to close the sale again. Often the buyer thinks that because the seller has given them some additional benefits there could be more to be gained, so they stop your close by asking for a bigger discount or another benefit.

This goes on until the seller has given all the add-ons and discounts they can and the buyer either finally agrees to the sale or asks for too many concessions and thinks the seller is holding out. They call the seller’s bluff and walk away expecting a call later with another offer.

Let me ask you this, how do you deal with an objection to your close when the buyer asks for concessions. If you don’t have an effective sales technique for this then here’s an answer…

4 Step Conditional Sales Closing Technique

My sales teams often face sales objections after they have presented their proposition to the client. What the client says is a cross between a buying signal and a sales objection. It’s a ‘No,’ with a hint that there could be a, ‘Yes,’ if they can make a concession.

Sometimes these objections can sound like a clumsy attempt at negotiation. Before you look at the 4 Step Conditional Closing Technique let me give you one piece of advice that works well for my teams:

Know exactly what you can negotiate, what you can and cannot offer, before you start conditional closing.

Now once you understand the above you can take a look at the 4 Step Conditional Closing Technique…

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