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The Sales Buzz Issue 177 - Sales Closing Rate – Free Sales Training
October 01, 2012

Do you know how you close, how you know when to close, what you look for or listen for that triggers you to start closing the sale.

Knowing what you do is the first step to making improvements...

Sales Closing Rate – Free Sales Training

Let me ask you a question that can help you to improve your sales closing rate:

How do you currently close your sales?

If you can answer straight away great give me a moment and we will look at what you do and discuss some ideas.

If you can’t answer straight away don’t worry, that just means you close sales without thinking about what you actually say, and as long as you are closing enough sales there’s nothing wrong with that.

Go through a sale mentally and replay how you close the sale, the question or statement that you use and when you use it.

For both those who answered straight away and those that had to think about it, what is it that triggers you to go into the closing stage of the selling process. How do you know when it is time to close the sale.

Again, you may just do it, you instinctively know when to close and you have picked up certain signals and reacted sub-consciously.

Or, you may be the type of sales person that is very conscious of everything they do and you look for certain buying signals that will guide you to knowing when to close.

The above exercise is one that I ask my teams to do in sales training sessions aimed at increasing sales closing rates. Many sellers don’t think about how they close until they look for ways to improve how they do it or when things are not going so well. The training course I have developed looks at the different types of closing and how and when to use them.

You can see a free excerpt from the course that discusses 3 different types of closing and what types of sales they are best used with at Sales Closing Skills...

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