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Sales closing skills excerpt from the eBook training course How to Close a Sale. See what you think before you buy.

The 3 Types Of Sales Close In Action

Understand how all 3 types of close are used to their best effect and you will have flexible sale closing skills for any product and sales situation.

For example:

Imagine working in a retail outlet with a wide range of products from high value large purchases to low value impulse items.

One line closes

The smaller items with a low value could be bought on impulse by your customers. You wouldn’t spend your valuable selling time going through a full sales process. Instead you would have a conversation. You would use one line agreement gaining questions at the right moment.

Closing on a presentation

Some of your customers will be halfway sold by the bigger, mid range, items on display, and they have an idea of what they want. A one line, closing question at the right moment could be all it takes to gain the sale. But it could be that you have to build their emotional buying state, and work with their logic to help them justify the sale.

The right closing technique for this would be to question what they are looking for, and present the best product to meet those needs. Then ask a closing question based on the presentation.

Closing as a sales process

For the larger, more expensive items you may need to spend time with the customer, and use a sales process that has closing the sale woven into its structure.

The strongest agreement is gained in the introduction stage of the sale. You gain the customer’s agreement to the process you will use. This is an open sales approach that relaxes the buyer as you work towards finding the best solution or sales proposal. You can sell the product on emotion and justify it with logic.

Closing is a straightforward question because of the agreement and commitment you gained to the sales process at the earlier stage of the sales pitch.

A Guideline Not a Rule

Having an understanding of all 3 closing techniques means you can be flexible and use the best close for each situation.

Don’t get tied up in definition and, which type of close do I use now.

You may find that you use a closing technique somewhere between two of the 3 types we discuss here. The sales training is written in this way to communicate ideas and training to you. Not to limit your creative use of your closing skills.

It’s similar to martial arts training. You learn set moves to teach your mind and body to work in certain ways. In a real life situation you mix the techniques and use them in the best and most appropriate way to achieve your objective.

Where are you now?

Just before we move on to learning how to use the 3 closing techniques, let me ask you a question. This will bring your current closing techniques into conscious focus and start the process of self-assessment.

What do you do now to close a sale?

Where would you place your closing method in the 3 types of close we have just discussed? It is a one line close used in an informal conversation, or do you follow a more structured method?

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