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The Sales Buzz Issue 250 - Qualifying a Sales Prospect so You Only Sell to Those That Can Buy
December 03, 2014

Qualifying a Sales Prospect so You Only Sell to Those That Can Buy

Qualifying a prospect is a way to close more sales by converting more prospects to paying customers because you only sell to those that can buy from you.

When you include questioning prospects to qualify them in your cold calls and appointment making you stop wasting your valuable selling time on people that can’t buy from you.

I’ve been on appointments with sales people and seen really good pitches and presentations that come to nothing because there was a reason why the prospect couldn’t buy from them.

If the prospect had been questioned and qualified before the meeting was arranged these reasons they couldn’t buy would have been discovered.

This is why qualifying prospects to see whether they can actually buy from you is so important.

You save time, spend more time with people that can actually buy from you, and increase the number of sales that you close.

Do You Qualify Prospects Before You Try to Sell to Them?

Is qualification of a potential customer as someone that you can sell to part of your sales process?

Do you get objections that cannot be overcome because they are outside of your control and are related to the actual sale rather than the decision to buy from you?

If you do you can stop this happening now by simply adding a few questions to the early part of your cold calls and appointment setting calls.

There are 2 pieces of information that you need to know before you use your valuable time and meet a prospect to try to sell to them.

1. Is there a reason at their business that will stop them buying from you.

This could be rules they have on purchasing such as, only buying from suppliers on a list that you’re not on, or their budget has run out until a future date.

2. Is there something at your business that will prevent a sale going ahead.

This could be a minimum order size, geographical or access requirements, or restrictions on what they do with your products.

How to Qualify a Sales Prospect

Write a list of information that you need to know about a prospect in order for you to qualify them as someone that can buy from you.

This is to qualify that they can buy from you, not will they buy from you.

Your list will relate only to any definite restrictions that your company has that can prevent an order going through. Once you’ve completed your list of information turn it into questions that you can ask on your calls to make sale appointments.

Add these questions to your appointment calling script just after the Introduction Stage of your call.

On your calls you also need to add a brief question about any restrictions the prospect’s business may have relating to suppliers.

These questions fit well with the questions you probably ask now about the prospect’s needs for your products or services. You wouldn’t go and meet a prospect that had no need for your products, why would you meet one that couldn’t buy from you.

All the questions together will only take a small amount of time on your calls and they could potentially save you a lot of time especially if you travel long distances to sell.

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