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The Sales Buzz Issue 181 - Presenting Sales Communication Tips
November 06, 2012

Presenting sales communication tips that you may never have seen before:

How do you know which of your prospect’s needs are most important to them?
What secrets can you learn from how your prospects tell you what they want?

In this week’s Sales Buzz we will tell you...

Presenting Sales Communication Tips

It’s not just what your prospect tells you about what they want that you should take notice of, they also give away secrets about what’s important to them in other ways.

Picture the scene, you’ve introduced yourself to a prospect and you’ve given them a really great reason why you are there. Then you move on to the sales questioning stage and you’ve asked wide open questions that get your prospect talking about what they want.

As they tell you about their needs what do you take notice of?

Most sales people answer that question buy saying that they listen to what the prospect says. That’s a good answer but there are other aspects of the prospect’s communication that are just as important as what they say. Here’s one of them...

Not just what they say but the order of needs

Your customer tells you about several needs that they have that your product or service could fulfil. You’ve listened and noted what they have said, the words and content of their answers, but what else is there.

Do you note the order of their answers. In many situations a customer will answer your sales questions with their most important needs first. If you ask a customer what they are looking for and they answer by saying, ‘A 5 door car, used, and fuel efficient.’ You know that the most important feature is the 5 doors.

The next most important need is the fact that is used, although further questioning may establish why they want a used car, is it to save money on the purchase or for some other reason.

If with further questioning you establish that the need for the car to be a used one is for cost reasons and you can offer a low cost new car, rather than a used one, for a price within their expectations then you have a chance of making the sale as long as it is a 5 door model.

The order they gave you the information also tells you that the cost of purchasing the car is more important than the fuel efficiency.

Listen to the order that your prospects give you information. The important needs usually come out first and are then followed buy other needs in order of importance to the buyer.

When you present your sales proposal you should present back the benefits and features that meet the buyer’s needs in the same order that they presented those needs to you when you asked your sales questions. sales training courses That way you will be presenting features and benefits that match their most important needs first.

This presenting sales communication tip will also ensure that you are giving them information in your presentation in a way that they find easy to receive.

You are matching their communication style. More on this next week.

If you liked this idea and can see the logic behind it you will find many more similar ideas buy clicking the image above or opening online professional sales courses...

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