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The Sales Buzz Issue 194 - Overcoming the Sales Objection: I didn’t expect it to be that price
February 28, 2013

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Do you get the sales objection, ‘I didn’t think it would be that price.’ If you do, or any other price related sales objection, then read on...

Overcoming the Sales Objection: I didn’t expect it to be that price

The buyer hits you with the objection: ‘I didn’t expect it to be that price,’ but what do they really mean and how do you overcome it.

One reason we get this sales objection is because the buyer has preconceptions about the price of the product or service that you are presenting.

These assumptions could be based on:

Other purchases they have made some time ago when the products were cheaper.

They may have no real idea about the cost of manufacture, shipping, or value of what you sell.

They may have been given false information by someone else.

Or, they may be hoping that the price was within their budget and this objection has arisen because of their underfunded budget or wishful thinking.

The first step to overcoming this objection

Even if you think you have a great answer to this objection don’t use it, not yet, hold your tongue.

Before you use your great answer or before you attempt to overcome this sales objection, find the source of the objection, the beliefs that it is based on.

Question what they expected to pay and how they formed that estimate.

Ask where they got their information from.

Was their source credible or can you weaken it.

Don’t tackle the price objection head on, instead think like a martial artist and take away its supporting beliefs. Move it off balance to allow you to overcome it.

Challenge the information that the buyer used as evidence to form their preconception by showing why it may be wrong, where its faults may be, and why the source may have no credibility.

Then show why you are more credible, more knowledgeable, and a better source of facts.

Then replace this wrong information that was supporting the objection, with your information. Take its space as you knock it over and overcome it.

The aim is to destabilize their current beliefs and put new ones in their place. Use proof and evidence, references and 3rd party reviews, to prove that what you are saying about your product is correct. Facts from an independent source, reviews and feedback from satisfied customers, or documents and guarantees, will all work on getting the buyer to form new beliefs.

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