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The Sales Buzz Issue 212 - Overcome the Objections by Aiming for the Close
September 12, 2013

Overcome the Objections by Aiming for the Close

Overcome the objections with sales training techniques that avoid confrontation and aim straight for the close rather than focusing on the obstacles.

Here’s an example of the Objection technique in action:

A sales manager is approached by a recruitment agency to fill vacant positions he currently has.

The objective of the recruitment agent is to get her candidates into interviews with the sales manager.

The telephone conversation went like this:

The recruitment sales person introduces herself and tells the manager who she is and why she is phoning.

Then the manager raises an early objection.

Here’s how the conversation went...

Sales manager: We already have agencies that we use to fill our vacancies.

Recruitment agent: I understand your loyalty. Tell me, do they always find you the best available candidates.

Sales manager: We’re happy with the applicants they send to us.

Recruitment agent: Have you ever tested the quality of their applicants to make sure you’re getting the best people to select your people from?

Sales manager: No, but we have always been able to fill our positions by using the same recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agent: So there could be better, more experienced candidates out there but without anything to test your current recruitment agencies against you will not know that for sure.

Sales manager: Well I suppose there could always be better candidates but we are happy with the service we get.

Here’s the sales technique that focuses on closing and gaining agreement rather than the obstacle.

Recruitment agent: That’s great. I can help you to test the quality of the candidates your current recruitment agencies are sending you?

At your next interviews I will send you two people that our screening system matches to your job description. You can use them as a benchmark to compare candidates from your current agency.

You don’t have to consider them for the vacancies you have. Just interview them in the normal way and see how they compare to the others.

There’s no obligation, no cost involved, and you get the chance to make sure you are getting the best possible service. When you’ve completed the interviews I’ll give you a quick call to see how things went. Does that sound okay?

The sales manager agreed to the proposal.

Examine the Technique...

When you examine the technique used to overcome the objection it focuses on the end objective, the close.

The sales manager raises the objection by saying: We already have agencies that we use. He does this very early in the call.

The recruitment agent didn’t try to overcome this in the usual head on, confrontational way.

She didn’t try to talk the sales manager out of using his regular agencies, or argue for him to make big changes to his current behaviours

The recruitment agent used a technique to go around an objection. The objective was to get their candidates in front of the sales manager in an interview.

No need to beat the competition or get the sales manager to stop using them. That wasn’t the objective.

The sales objective has been achieved, so the recruitment agent is happy.

The sales manager hasn’t made any great changes. He is simply testing his current actions and comparing the candidates from his current agencies.

This is a great technique to overcome the objection and it is well worth trying out.

Better closing techniques come from new ideas.

The more ideas you see and discuss the better closing techniques you will develop.

You can see more ideas and techniques on closing sales on our website at Closing the deal.

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