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The Sales Buzz Issue 187 - Start the New Year with a Present to Yourself
December 19, 2012

Start the New Year with a present to yourself. 4 Sales Training eBook Courses that have increased sales for employed sellers, small business owners, and have been used by managers to train their teams.

If you want to increase sales and have job security then read on...

Start the New Year with a Present to Yourself

With the New Year coming up it’s time you thought about how you will increase sales and have your best year ever.

We’ve got 4 courses that you can download at a special discounted price that will give you a new perspective on creating an effective sales pitch, making sales appointments, overcoming objections, and closing sales.

And the courses are designed to let you add all your existing sales skills and techniques. Think of it as adding to what you do now, not starting afresh.

Course 1 Make sales appointment calls with confidence and quickly fill your diary.

Course 2 Create a sales pitch that is guaranteed to increase results for any product or service.

Course 3 Focuses only on closing the sale, and it works.

Course 4 Imagine what a difference it will make when you learn how to overcome objections with training on techniques that professionals are using every day to close real sales.

Treat yourself to all 4 courses in one special package for a 30% reduced price of £49 by downloading now.

In this complete training package you get:

sales training course

Making Sales Appointments by Telephone
Usual price £24.50

Selling Success the complete sales process
Usual price £24.50

Overcoming Sales Objections
Usual price £14.99

How to Close a Sale
Usual price £9.99

Total usual price £73.98
That's around $115 US Dollars.

Buy Now Now you can download all 4 training courses for the discounted price of £49.99 That's approx $80 US

To see more information before you buy go to our website page at Sales Training Courses...

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