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The Sales Buzz Issue 234 - Make More Sales Appointments
August 19, 2014

Make More Sales Appointments

More sales is something we all want, here are some ideas and thoughts on how to do it.

There is a lot of rubbish presented as new sales training ideas.

You pick up a book or listen to a podcast and someone claims they have a great new way for you to increase your sales.

Often they will give this idea a bright new buzz word name.

But when you look through the layers of spin and get past the hype and you see there is nothing new.

We have been selling to each other since we lived in caves and traded with our stone-age neighbors.

There is nothing new, no great breakthrough, no ultimate selling technique. But there is one truth that I learned 25 years ago and still use today...

The sales training truth that was, is, and always will be

There are, and always have been, only 3 basic actions you can take to increase your sales.

The only thing that’s new is how you put them into practice. So let’s cut through the false claims and be realistic about how you can increase your sales right now.

The only 3 actions that you can take to increase your sales:

  • 1. Get in front of more qualified prospective buyers
  • 2. Convert more prospects into sales
  • 3. Increase the profit made from each customer

Think about it.
Can you think of any other action that you can take to close more sales?

So let’s start with number 1...

Get in front of more qualified prospect

The best way to get in front of more qualified prospects is to make more quality sales appointments.

Many sales people are great in front of buyers. They can confidently use their sales skills face to face and close sales. But many hate making sales appointment calls. They can’t use their face to face field sales skills. Sellers want to get out there and sell. It’s what they’re good at, and what they enjoy doing. It gives them the sales buzz. It’s like scoring at your favorite sport.

But when it comes to picking up the phone and making cold calls a couple of things often happen to even the best professionals:

1. Their motivation suddenly goes. That enthusiasm for closing another deal can’t be directed into a cold calling session.

2. While top sellers have great selling skills they have often never been trained to make appointment calls. Their technique isn’t as good as their face to face skills.

The answer is to learn how to make cold calls and become good at appointment setting.

Once you have a method and a process to make your calls your confidence grows. As your confidence grows your results increase and you get more appointments, and more selling opportunities, and you make more sales. As you picture this happening you enjoy making the cold calls.

Imagine getting the same sales buzz from gaining agreement to a meeting with a prospect as you do now from closing a sale.

When you tell yourself that making an appointment is the first step that gets you in front of the buyer, and therefore the first step to making more sales, you get yourself motivated.

How to get in front of more buyers

Here are some leads to sales appointment training that covers motivation and technique. Have a click around and see what you can use:

Practical tips on making sales appointments

How many calls do you make at a time?

How can you stop distractions or stop yourself getting bored?

What do other sales professionals do to get the best results when appointment setting?

Practical information on how to set up and prepare for your calling session. Includes body language and how to get a positive mind set. Open Free Cold Calling Tipsand get started.

The one line that can make all the difference

There is one line in your sales appointment call that can make all the difference to your results. The sales people I have worked with in direct sales to the public use this technique to perfection. Take a look at what the all important one line is, and how to make sure you are getting it right, by moving to How to cold call for direct sales to the pubic.

Why use a sales appointment process

An overview of the sales appointment process successfully used by my sales teams. How to use it well, how to avoid common cold calling mistakes. Open free cold calling scripts and get sales training from people that have actually used it on real cold calls.

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