How to Cold Call Appointments for Direct Sales

How to cold call direct sales prospects at home to make sales appointments.

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The sales training below will show you how to create an attention grabbing Reason for Calling that will keep prospects listening to you.

When you call B2C direct sales prospects in their own home you can often get rejections, objections, and even phones being slammed down on you.

You have to have a reason for calling that effectively grabs their attention.

Unless they can see a good reason to listen to your call you will not get past the Introduction Stage and you will not get a sales appointment with them. 

Create an Effective Reason
for Calling 

Here’s how to create a reason for calling that will compel your direct sales prospects to listen to you:

List Your Benefits

Start by listing all the benefits of your services or products that you could use in your introduction as the reason you are calling a direct sales prospect to make a sales appointment.

Now think about how a customer could gain from what you sell.

Bigger and more general benefits will have an impact on a wider range of prospects.

More specific benefits will have a stronger impact but the number of prospects they impact on will be narrower. 

Ask yourself, how do customers benefit from waht you sell?

What are the biggest benefits, and what are the strongest benefits?

Do you have unique benefits that your competitors don’t have?

Your first action to learn how to cold call a direct sales prospect is to create a list of benefits that you could use as your reason for calling. Do it now before moving to the next action. 

What’s Your Angle When Presenting the Benefits

Your reason for calling can be to help the prospect to gain a positive benefit, or to help them avoid a negative situation.

On your list of benefits clearly define the angle that each of the benefits should be presented from in order to have the best impact on your prospects.

Some products save customers money. Some make money. Others offer safety to stop something happening, others offer benefits that help when something negative has happened.

Another angle is to use a benefit that improves on whatever the prospect is using that your product or service will replace.

This list building is a great exercise to do, not just for learning how to cold call, but also for later on when you meet with the prospect and present the features and benefits of your products. 

When you have completed the exercise you should have a list of benefits with a brief note on the angle they will be pitched from. Now you’re ready to select the one that you will use in your Introduction Stage as the reason you are calling.

Can your sales appointment calls be based on an offer such as: free surverys, demonstrations, party plan, etc..

If so there's more free sales training on selecting an angle for your appointment calls at Disguising Your Cold Calls...

How to Cold Call - Select the Best Benefit From Your List

From your list of benefits select the one that you think will impact on a wide enough number of direct sales prospects, and that will also have a strong enough impact so that the prospects will want to hear more about what the benefit will do for them.

When I’m training sales teams how to cold call direct sales prospects for appointments we spend as long as it takes to select the best benefit to use.

Sometimes, if we can’t find one with the right balance of impact strength and range of prospects to which it applies, we go back to the beginning and look for more benefits that we can add to the list 

Look at your list from a prospect’s frame, which benefit would grab your attention and make you want to hear more? 

Once you've decided on which benefit to use put it into a sentence to form your reason for calling the prospect. To see how to do this there are some real examples from different industries and marketplaces on the next page at Making Sales Appointments...

Create Your Reason for Calling 

Follow these 3 simple steps to create an effective reason for calling that will prevent objections and rejections, and give you more opportunities to sell.

Step 1. Select the benefit your products or services offer that you are going to use as your reason for calling.

Step 2. Decide the sales angle you will use for that benefit.

For example:

  • Disguising a free survey or service as a reason for calling.
  • Comparison of prospect's existing services to your offer.
  • A review of the prospect’s current needs to what they have.
  • Discussing a range of benefits to meet the prospect’s specific needs.

Step 3. Put steps 1 and 2 together in a brief line that clearly explains the benefit, and how you offer this benefit to the prospect, as a reason why you should meet. 

Still unsure about creating a reason for calling for your sales appointment calls, or any of the other stages of your calls. See how I train my sales teams to make appointments at Sales Appointments Training...

How to Cold Call – The Next Stage

Once you’ve created your reason for calling you can move on to the next stage of how to cold call for direct sales appointments. 

This is where you qualify the prospect as someone you want to meet, a potential customer.

The first question is really important as you want it to keep control of the conversation, but you don’t want to frighten the prospect into hanging up or giving you an objection.

See how to get the balance of strength and softness right at Direct Selling Tips...



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