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The Sales Buzz Issue 54-Maximize sales potential with new revenue streams
December 04, 2009

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How to clean up in your market place

How blood sweat and crime scenes shows 3 ways to maximize profits from sales. Here’s a great practical demonstration of a business that’s making money in a way that many other individuals and organisations can learn from and copy. Scroll down the page to see more on adding sales streams...

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Sales plans to increase revenue streams for your business

Blood and human remains at a crime scene, or the back of a police vehicle contaminated by drunken bar room brawlers, isn’t the nicest of working environments.

Most sales people and small business owners would rather have an office or nice clean sales showroom. But I’ve just seen a small business that has become a specialist in cleaning up these gory scenes and maximized profits by using 3 simple sales techniques.

Take a look at how they have done it and see if you can do the same for yourself or your business.

Cleaning crime scenes is a niche market and the small business has become a qualified specialist in this market.

But that isn’t what interested me about their sales plan.

They have taken their business idea of cleaning crime scenes and added 2 more sales streams to it.

Take a look at my outline of the business, how they earn extra income and profit, and see if you could adapt the sales model for yourself or your business.

There are great lessons for all sales and business people and by reading this story you might just get that spark that fires your next great idea.

The basic business idea

The business is built around cleaning up places and substances that other people would much rather stay away from. Crime scenes, police vehicles, cells, and just about the worst things you can imagine.

For me lesson 1 was: What a great example of a niche market that many small businesses may overlook.

Started by a single entrepreneur that made himself an expert o the subject, the business is now growing fast. He can offer a flexible service to meet the needs of the client.

For people looking for how to do this to build an additional income stream for themselves there is a page full of free information at Small business start up ideas

Lesson 2: The big small business sales advantage is flexibility.

If you sell a service or product that could be flexible and tailored to fit your buyer’s needs, are you making the mist from this sales benefit? I’ve trained and coached many sales people that are looking for new benefits to sell to prospects and they overlook this great selling technique.

Whether it’s a service that can be made specific for your buyer, or a product that can be bundled to provide only what the customer wants with no waste, shout about it when you sell.

Maximizing profit by adding a great idea

Back to the blood and sweat. The crime scene clean up business then added another way to generate sales.

The clean up business was an expert in its niche. They generated revenue and profit by selling their services. Then they had a flash of inspiration.

Train other people to do what they do. They now have fully booked up training courses for people in related industries that want to add this service to what they now offer customers. The clean-up company also make a profit by providing the materials.

Lesson 3: Get paid for teaching what you know.

As a sales professional you have a knowledge of your product, market place and industry. You also know how to sell and how to present what you sell to potential buyers. You may consider these sales skills and knowledge to have little value, but look closer and you will see potential.

Here’s some examples presented as rough bullet points rather than in depth business plans. Let the ideas go in and roll around for a while then see what inspiration grows.

Training courses for your buyers

If you sell to people or companies that then re sell to end users how about training them to sell more.

Many sales people that sell to retailers or re-sellers will do some product training. But what about a full training course that makes them a qualified expert on your product or service. Companies love free training for employees and you get fully trained sales people selling your products.

Professional business courses

Professional courses run for people that want to get into your industry or add it to what they do now. Become the expert and train others. Get paid for training you present on what you already do. No additional training for you or your staff, because you do it every day, it’s your job.

It is a very lucrative market, especially in the current financial climate where people are looking for new opportunities. You supply a venue, one or two trainers from your existing staff, and you charge each individual for the training.

This is also a great way to use any free time your sales people have. Sales people make great trainers and can present to groups of delegates.

Make money from night classes

If you’re a sales professional teach others how to sell. Set up night classes at a local venue. Use your experience to show others sales skills, selling techniques, and you can include training people how to get into sales. How about sales interview techniques?

If this turns a light on with you and you can see how you could create a second income, or even aim for your own small business, here’s a link to some resources.

Sales workbook training courses

A page full of sales courses on selling techniques, appointment making, job interview skills, and overcoming objections.

Each one can be used by an individual or by you to present as a complete training course. Take one of these training workbooks and set up your own class for people that want a new career, or small business owners that sell their own products and services.

Do not take the above as ideas to model or copy. Let them motivate and inspire you to cultivate your own actions to achieve your own goals. Whether it’s for you personally, or for the company you work for, let yourself get started!

You can see ideas of how to earn money with an online business at Earn money online. It’s a 4 step plan to create an income stream from an online business that follows the ideas presented above.

Franchise – Set up others in your business

Many businesses are frightened of setting up other people doing what they do, don’t be, it makes you more money.

You are an established expert and business in your market place. Don’t be frightened of making money from helping other people to set up their own business in your market place.

You can put conditions in place such as franchise areas that don’t impact on your business. You can secure your established clients and customers.

The key is that this alternative income stream is not dependent on you selling your goods and services. The mores successful your trainees and franchises become the more money you make.

As with the training above you can target new people setting up a business. Existing businesses that could include your services or goods in their sales range, or individuals that want a second income or part time enterprise.

The Clean-up Company cleaned up the money

The crime scene clean up company put these 3 simple sales plans into operation and now have 3 independent income streams.

The skills of their people can be used on any of the 3 areas of sales so the operation is still run as one business with only one set of employees.

The business lessons and ideas above can be used by any company or business. It breaks down into 3 sales actions:

  • Become an expert in your niche market
  • Train others how to do what you do
  • Help others to sell your products and services

Have you got a similar success story to share

Have you built an income stream around a simple business sales plan and found success that you can share?

Tell us how you did it. Share your success. Yes you can promote your business or products, a little. You can even add a link or contact details and a picture if you wish. But the real interest and benefit to you will be from people that see how you have become successful.

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Stephen Craine

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