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The Sales Buzz Issue 273 - How to Make Sales Appointments - Free eBook
June 11, 2015

Learn how to make sales appointments with this free eBook that will give you the proven process I’ve used to help people achieve consistent successful results.

A step by step guide to creating a really effective Introduction that will grab your prospect’s attention.

More importantly, learn the process of creating an appointment call so you can make cold call scripts whenever you want.

This is a valuable skill that you can use for yourself or to train others.

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The techniques have been proven to work by the sales people and appointment setters I’ve trained at live corporate sales training sessions, and that have used the training offered at

And because you’ll be following a process your successful results can be repeated over and over again giving you a full sales appointment diary.

How to Make Sales Appointments
The Process

Make sales appointments using a proven process that has worked for thousands of people.

free sales appointment training course

The process starts with a structure of your call in stages.

The parts that make up each stage, and their objectives, are analysed.

The result is an effective structure with no redundant parts, no waffle, and you will know what you are doing, your objective, at each point in the call.

Then, your words and phrases are added to create a sales appointment call script that is unique to you, aimed at your prospects, and uses the features and benefits of the products and services that you sell.

Your calls will sound natural and confident, and will use only the lines that work towards your objectives at each stage of the call.

If you currently just meander through your appointment calls, don't like making cold calls, or you're unhappy with your results, you'll want to read this free eBook.

To learn how to make sales appointments open the free eBook above and learn step by step how to create a professional proven Introduction Stage for your calls or go to Free Sales Appointment eBook...

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