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The Sales Buzz Issue 172 - Make every word work and have some fun while selling
August 29, 2012

Make selling fun by playing around with words and phrases that influence the customer with a stacking effect that gets you closer to closing the sale...

Make Every Word Work to Close the Sale

Make every word work to close the sale and have some fun while selling.

When you’re selling, because every word and phrase has an impact on the customer, sometimes good, sometimes bad, you will want to learn everything you can about making them work for you.

In B2B sales and direct sales you want to make everything you say help you to close the sale, so the more you know about the effects of words on your buyer the more successful you will be.

In retail sales your words will either grab the customer’s attention and make them warm to you, or drive them away and out of the store.

If you work in telesales or appointment making by telephone then words and voice tone are all you have so you better make them work or you are out of a job.

Let me give you a simple example

Look at the sentence below and spot as many sales words and phrases as you can:

Up to now you have usually read articles, like this one, and missed out on more valuable information because you haven’t yet clicked on the links at the end of the page.

This is packed with sales language patterns that make every word work for you and get you closer to closing the sale. Let me explain:

Up to now

The phrase, up to now, draws a line in time on the customer’s behaviour. It communicates the idea that up to this point you have done this, and now I want you to consider doing this. It’s a great start to getting a customer to change supplier or buy a new product.

Like this one

Like this one is telling the customer to like this article, or like what you are showing them, especially when it is said with a slight downward inflection that makes it a command or instruction. Use, like this one, and link it to your product, service, or sales offer.

Missed out

You are telling them that there are consequences to the actions they have been taking up to now. In this case you, sorry they, have missed out because they haven’t been clicking the links at the end of the page.

More valuable

They haven’t only missed out on information, they have missed out on more valuable information. And buy adding the word, more, to the information you are inferring that what they are reading now also has a value.


The word, Because, is very powerful. I’m not going to tell you why right now because... Well you will just have to take my word for it and maybe I’ll explain in next week’s edition of the Sales Buzz.


The word yet is fantastic because it says you haven’t yet, but you will. It is a soft way to be assumptive about what the customer will do next.

Make Every Word Work For You

The above techniques, and others like them, work because of a stacking effect. On their own they will not generate a behaviour change. If you just use one of the phrases a buyer will not suddenly grab your pen and sign a contract or grab a new dress from the rail and run to the checkout.

Buy using them repeatedly you will influence the customer to be open to change, persuasion in a direction, and start to open the door to changing their beliefs, which as you know, is what selling is all about.

The above is just a sample and the reason I base all my sales training and appointment setting training on creating your own scripts. You can then think about the direction you want to carry the customer and add your own words and phrases. Once you do this everything will just click right and buy now you can see that it can make selling rewarding and great fun.

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