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The Sales Buzz Issue 275 - Getting Past Gatekeepers to Increase Sales
June 24, 2015

Getting Past Gatekeepers

Getting past gatekeepers on your cold calls and getting through to more decision makers will increase your sales and make you more money.

Many businesses now have someone answering incoming calls and stopping sales calls from getting through to their staff.

There is no one-solution to this problem.

But there are many techniques that you should know that can increase your chances of getting past this obstacle.

Below are just a few examples from the sales training I’ve presented as a trainer and manager, and offered on the Proven Sales Training website.

Take a look and see which techniques will work for you...

Techniques for Getting Past Gatekeepers

If you ask a gatekeeper a question that starts with, ‘Can I speak to…’ you will get an appropriate response to your closed question of a Yes or No answer.

How different is it if instead of asking the receptionist, ‘Can I speak to…’

I say, ‘Stephen Craine for .............’ (Insert the name or role of the person you want to contact)

What answer does the last example above require?

The answer is none because it’s not a question, it’s a command.

I’ve also given my name so there’s no need for the gatekeeper to ask who is calling, and with the casual way I phrase the command the receptionist could think I already know the person or have spoken to them before.

Gatekeepers Respond Automatically

When a gatekeeper answers the phone to someone they don’t know they will act on automatic reflexes.

They give automatic responses that are triggered by the words of the questions they are asked, and the way that the questions are phrased.

If you ask a closed question you will get a yes or no answer.

If you don’t ask a question you will not get an automated answer.

If you make it sound like a big deal they will automatically respond appropriately and think it’s a big deal.

If you sound casual and relaxed as if you expect to get put through to the person, they may feel the same.

If you’re upfront and courteous, you could get treated the same.

Just the few ideas above can make a difference to the number of prospects you get to speak with and the more proven training you invest in the more sales opportunities you will get.

More Training on Cold Calls and Gatekeepers

The sales training above on getting past gatekeepers is a small excerpt from the professional training course Making Sales Appointments by Telephone.

In that course there is much more training on getting past a gatekeeper, including how you should present your name on different types of calls, and proven techniques used by successful sales people to fill their diary with sales appointments.

The live training course, which has proved successful for both corporate sales teams and individual clients, has now been turned into an eBook course.

In the downloadable course you’ll learn all you need to know to successfully make sales appointment calls. See more information on the course at Making Sales Appointments

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