Sales Appointments 
Training Course

Create Your Own Effective
Cold Calling Scripts

A Sales Appointments Training Course that will fill the diaries of sales people and small business owners.

Sales Appointment Training Course

You'll enjoy confidently contacting new prospects because you'll know what to do and say at every stage of your cold calls.

You'll create effective scripts in your own words, that will be natural and friendly, and encourage prospects to talk to you.

You'll learn techniques already proven to prevent and deal with any objections prospects raise.

And you can get all of these benefits working for you today by clicking the Buy Now button.

Proven Sales Appointment Training Course £24.50
Or $38 US Dollars

I'm a sales trainer and manager with 25 years of successful experience. I developed the techniques in this course  while helping working sales professionals to make their own cold calls for appointments, so the course has already been proven in real selling situations and you know it will work for you.

More Benefits for You

You'll also gain the valuable skill of being able to train others how to make appointment calls as the course includes everything you need to present it to others.

And, you'll learn how to get the best results from your calling sessions as there is a full section on how to prepare and physically make the calls, and a section on getting past gatekeepers. 

Plus, you get my full support by email should you have any questions while completing the course.

The Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to show small businesses, self employed people, and sellers to business and the public that haven't had effective training, how to make their own professional sales appointment calls.

The training focuses on cold calls because they're the most difficult calls to make. The techniques are also effective on all other types of appointment calls, including: follow up calls, repeat customers, and responding to warm leads and incoming enquiries.

Sales Appointments Course Content

Make cold calls with confidence when you've followed the training in this course and created your own script.

Sales Appointment Training Course

Below is a very brief overview of the stages your script will follow.

The training course shows you how to create each stage and how to move your prospect smoothly forward towards agreeing to a meeting.

With your completed script you'll know what to do and say, and what your objective is, at all times.

That leaves you free to focus on what you're saying, and sounding confident as you enjoy the conversation.

Making Sales Appointments 
Course £24.50
Or, $38 US Dollars

Now for a brief overview of the sales appointment call stages...

The Introduction Stage

How to introduce you, your products, services, or your business, and an attention grabbing Reason for Calling to make the prospect listen to what you have to say. 

Not sure what to say in the first seconds of your calls?

The course will show you using training that's already proven successful for working sales people, self employed, and small business owners.

The Sales Questioning Stage

Create an effective Questioning stage that quickly qualifies potential customers so you know which ones to arrange appointments with.

This technique can really save you a lot of time, both on the phone calls and when selling, as you will only meet with pre-qualified prospects.

Gaining Agreement to an Appointment

The Agreement Gaining stage shows you proven techniques that make use of the work you have done in the earlier stages of the call.

No trick closes, no bullying or linguistic trickery, just simple honest, prospect friendly, techniques that work.

Plus there's more sections included as shown below...

More Sections of the
 Sales Appointments Course

Even the best sales people get objections when making  appointment calls.

So I’ve added a section on preventing and dealing with objections, obstacles, and smoke screens.

Sales Appointment Training Course

Plus, techniques for getting past those dreaded Gatekeepers whose job it is to filter calls and prevent you contacting buyers.

Learn how to maximise your calling sessions with tips and techniques from top class appointment setters on preparing and physically making the calls.

That’s everything you’ll need to create your own appointment call script and know what to say, and what your objective is, at every stage of the call. 

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Everything you need to be successful for just £24.50 ($38 US Dollars)

What the Sales Appointments Training Course Includes

Here's what the Training course includes:

  • The course includes a 97 page training eBook in an easy to download pdf format that you can read on screen or you can print. 
  • The exercises and power point slides are shown at the appropriate points in the training.
  • There are helpful trainer notes included in the text to assist you if you are presenting the course, or as an additional guide if you are using the training for your own development.
  • The exercise program comes in a separate word document. This can be completed on screen or printed, and you can customise it and add logos if your training others.
  • Power point slides are included for use if you are presenting the course. These are on plain backgrounds, free from logos, and can be customised for presentations.

If you have any problems downloading or using the course you can contact me, Stephen Craine, via the contact pages on this site. 

Safe and secure payment processing

Payments are processed by the secure site at Fastspring, so it’s secure and safe. You have the options of paying by credit or debit card, or using an existing Pay Pal account.

A money back guarantee so there’s no risk

To show the confidence I have in a course that has worked for my sales teams, and so many other people, like you, I offer you this guarantee.

'If you use the course, and complete all the exercises, and you don’t get an increase to your sales appointment results, you can return the completed course within 90 days of purchase and I will refund the cost.'

So there's no risk to you and your success is guaranteed.

Full support by email

I am genuinely interested in helping sales people that are willing to invest in themselves to succeed.

If you have any questions while completing the training, or before purchasing the course, you can email me personally for support by using the contact page on this site. 

Making Sales Appointments
by Telephone

Sales Appointment Training Course

Everything you need to create your own Sales Appointment scripts and use them to fill your diary with qualified, potential customers.

You can download Making Sales Appointments by Telephone now, and start gaining the benefits today, by clicking the image right or the buy now button below.

Everything you need to be successful for just £24.50 ($38 US Dollars)

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About the Author 

Stephen Craine is a professional  sales manager and corporate trainer.

The courses and information on this website are the result of over two decades of hands on sales training and management experience.

That means the training you'll  find here has been developed and refined while working with real sales professionals in a wide range of markets and industries.

The selling techniques have been tested and proven while selling to real prospects, not just in classroom role plays.

Because real sales people depend upon this training being effective you know that you can also depend upon the results you will achieve when you invest in the courses.

With a full money back guarantee, and direct contact with the author via the contact pages of this website, you can see that we have every confidence in the service we offer.

What you get is a unique and successful approach to training, on all aspects of selling, that can be relied upon to give you results.

You can read more about Stephen, and his goals for this website, by opening the about us page in a new window.

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