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The Sales Buzz Issue 189 - Future Pacing Objections - A great NLP technique
January 21, 2013

In this week's Sales Buzz:

Future pacing objections is a great NLP sales technique to overcome objections that ordinary sales training will not cover. Interested, read on...

Future Pacing Objections Using an NLP Technique

You’re probably asking yourself if you should carry on reading this page and you’re about to make a choice to either click off the page or to continue reading.

retail customer service

That’s the same sort of choice your customers make when deciding whether or not to buy from you.

Think about, how you make that decision, and how your customers make their buying decisions.

When we make decisions we look ahead into the future and predict the consequences of our decision.

As we do this we make pictures, engage in self talk, and create feelings about the future outcome of the decision we are about to make.

This is called future pacing and you can use this NLP sales technique to overcome objections.

Right now you may be thinking:

If I read this article will there be anything in it for me?

Is it a good use of my time that will give me something in return?

Is this a sales pitch and what are they trying to sell me? No it’s not, so there’s one objection out of the way.

Or you could be thinking, I want to increase my sales and this technique of future pacing objections could be something that will help me to do that.

You will be seeing positive or negative outcomes to your decision to either continue reading or to click to another page. It is at this point as you look at the potential outcomes that objections start to form.

The aim of this sales training on objection handling is to get you thinking about how to change the negative outcomes that the customer creates internally as they consider the future after making their buying decision.

You will be working with the buyer’s internal map of future reality, because that’s where the objection is formed, a really useful NLP sales technique.

A prospect can raise a sales objection because they predict certain consequences of buying.

They see the future. They predict what happens and how they will feel, after they have bought your product and they don’t like it. They can see something negative or they have negative self-talk. They present their negative view of the future as an objection.

What people see and hear in their imagination can feel very real to them. It can also be completely made up, influenced by their filters of past experience and acquired information, but it will feel real to them.

How to Future Pace Objections:

A buyer raises an objection and says your product is too expensive.

You then lead them through the consequences of having that belief. You get them to see, hear, and feel, what will happen if they buy a cheaper model. Guide them through the future consequences of buying a cheap product.

Then you show them the positive future that will happen when they change that belief and buy from you. You use benefits, add value, and make them feel how much they will gain. Lead their imagination and show them a future where they have made a positive choice and bought your high value product. Sell them a picture of the future, not just the features of your product.

Developing this technique, to give sales people a reliable way to overcome objections, is a work in progress. You can see more sales training and developments on this idea at Sales and Training Solutions on How to Overcome Sales Objections.

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