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The Sales Buzz Issue 186 - Make Sure You’re Not Irritating Your customers
December 11, 2012

You could be irritating your customers during your sales presentation without even knowing you are doing it.

Want to know how...

Read on...

Make Sure You’re Not Irritating Your customers

You think your communication skills are good and your sales presentations keep the interest of your prospects.

But how do you know that your communications good and you keep your prospects interested. Are you sure you’re not making some of the common mistakes many people make, including those who sell or communicate for a living.

Let me give you some examples...

Obviously, you don’t want to, basically, irritate your prospect

Have you noticed how some people repeat a word many times during a sales presentation.

As a sales manager I often hear these repeat irritators when I’m coaching and training sellers.

They have no use, no meaning, are totally redundant, and add nothing but irritation to the presentation.

They are squeezed in at the beginning and the end of sentences, and even somewhere in the middle if the sales person finds a gap.

Obviously, basically, and others are so overused that the buyer hears them and becomes irritated.

They lose interest in the sales pitch, rapport is broken, and sales are lost.

Tape your sales presentation, ask colleagues for honest feedback, do what’s needed to make sure you don’t lose sales because of this habit.

You know, the sportsman’s favourite

Watch sportspeople being interviewed, especially football players from the UK, and listen for the common irritating phrase, ‘You know'.

Sales people also fall foul of this annoying habit. Think about what it actually says to the listener; you know, it’s like saying you already know what I’m going to tell you. It’s irritating, if you use it stop it!

Make your, errrmm, sales presentation, flow eerrmmm, smoothly

Errmm, tends to be used between sentences. To the listener it sounds like the presenter is giving themselves time to think of what to say next and just making a noise to fill in the gap.

For me this is the worst of the common irritators because it’s not even a word, it’s just a noise. It stops the flow of communication and it gives the impression that the speaker is not capable of stringing sentences together fast enough to speak fluently.

I’ve even heard presenters on local radio who litter their sentences with this awful sound.

When sales people have this errrmm, problem and they are talking to someone who speaks at a fast pace, thinks in pictures, and can process information quickly, they will lose the sale in a couple of sentences.

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