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The Sales Buzz Issue 145 - Four Sales Courses at a great discounted price
January 03, 2012

In this week's Sales Buzz:

We've had so many requests for a combined discounted package of the 4 most popular sales courses on our website that we just had to do it...

Four Sales Training Courses in One Discounted Package

Here's a great offer to kick start your New Sales Year.

The 4 top selling sales training courses from the website all in one package and with a saving of over 30%.

sales training courses

In this complete package you get:

Making Sales Appointments by Telephone
Usual price £24.50

Selling Success the complete sales process
Usual price £24.50

Overcoming Sales Objections
Usual price £14.99

How to Close a Sale
Usual price £9.99

Buy Now You can now get all 4 Sales training Courses for the discounted price of £49.99.

Everything you need to be successful whether you are a full time professional seller or you make sales for your own business.

A New Year Offer

It's the start of a new sales year and that means more challenges for career sales people and self employed and small business owners.

In this combined package of our top selling eBook training courses you will have everything you need to:

  • Fill your diary with sales appointments
  • Create great sales pitches
  • Use a professional sales process
  • Overcome sales objections
  • Close more sales

Everything You Need to be Successful

You can now have all 4 sales training courses for just £49.99

sales training courses

That’s around $77 US Dollars

The total price of the 4 courses should be £73.98

That's around $117 US Dollars

But we’re giving you a saving of £23.99

That’s a discount of over 30%

And you pay just £49.99

Buy Now You can download the courses and start using them today by simply clicking the button.

For more information before you decide to buy go to 4 Sales Training courses...

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