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The Sales Buzz Issue 265 - Emotional Sales Benefit Techniques
April 09, 2015

Emotional Sales Benefit Techniques

Use these emotional sales benefit techniques to close more sales because you have discovered what your customer really wants from your products and services.

Inexperienced or untrained sales people often try to sell by matching features to prospect’s needs in their sales presentations and when closing the sale.

Good sales people, with some training, match both features and benefits in the presentations and closing stages of their sales pitches.

Really great successful sales people match features, benefits, and emotional benefits to their prospect’s needs

What’s an emotional benefit, and how do you know what a prospect’s emotional needs are, read on...

What are Emotional Sales Benefit Techniques

All sales people know what a feature is.

It’s something your product or service has or does. A feature of a car is its fuel consumption, the number of miles the car travels per gallon or litre of fuel.

Most sales people know what a sales benefit is. It’s what the feature does for the customer.

Benefits are delivered by features.

Going back to our car example, a feature of low fuel consumption will give the customer the benefit of saving money.

What a lot of sales people don’t know is that there is a 3rd level of what a product or service can give to a customer, it’s called an emotional sales benefit.

An emotional sales benefit is what the customer will feel when the feature delivers the benefit that the customer wants.

Using our car example again: The feature of low fuel consumption delivers the benefit of saving money to the customer.

But what does that really do for the customer, how does it make them feel?

It could make them feel content because they are saving money.

Maybe it makes them feel good about themselves because their new car is not harming the environment as much as their old one did.

Features can deliver many benefits, and benefits can deliver many emotional sales benefits. So how do you know which emotional sales benefits your customers want...

Discover the Emotional Sales Benefits Your Customers Want to Feel

How do you know which emotional sales benefits your customers want from your products or services?

Sticking with the car sales example: car buyers do not want a car, you don’t want a car, and I don’t want a car.

To discover what buyers want you ask them sales questions.

Inexperienced and untrained sales people only discover the features a customer wants.

They then try to sell to the customer using only features.

Good sales people with some training will have asked what a customer wants the features to do for them.

They can then present just the features and the benefits the customer wants.

Think of this as a second level of sales questioning, they have dug a little deeper and found a little more.

The top sales people will go to the third level of questioning and use emotional sales benefit techniques and ask how they want to feel when they get the benefits delivered by the features.

They use questions like: How will you feel when you see how much you’ve saved on fuel?

With this extra line of questioning you can find out what feelings the customer wants to feel from the product they are looking to buy.

Then you can work backwards starting with the emotional benefits, moving to the benefits that will deliver those feelings, and then demonstrate the features that will deliver the benefits. want to see more...

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