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Create a perfect Elevator Introduction Pitch
April 20, 2022

Create an Elevator Introduction Pitch

Turn Conversations into Sales Opportunities

Create a confident Elevator Introduction Pitch for any situation.

A great Elevator Pitch can be used in any situation to turn conversations into sales opportunities.

Social gatherings, business networking, meetings, conferences and all those times you get asked: What do you do for a living?

You will have an introduction for any situation.

It will include informaton about you, what you can do for the listener, and a call to action to move forward.

Whenever you are asked: What do you do for a living? - You will have the perfect answer, prepared and practiced and ready to use.

Learn how by visiting: Create an Elevator Pitch

What should an Elevator Pitch contain

A short, concise message of introduction

Your Elevator Pitch needs to be brief.

It should contain a potential benefit for the listener.

A short description of how you deliver the benefit.

And a call to action to gain agreement to the next step.

Learn how to create your personalised Elevator Introduction Pitch and what to include by visiting:Create an Elevator Pitch

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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