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The Sales Buzz Issue 203 - Cold Calling Tips for Making Direct Sales Appointments
May 01, 2013

In this week’s Sales Buzz Ezine:

Direct sales cold calls have be sharper, more attention grabbing, and straight to the point, see how to do it...

Cold Calling Tips for Making Direct Sales Appointments

Try these Direct Sales cold calling tips to keep your Introduction brief and attention grabbing.

When you cold call prospects in their own home you have to have a really strong Introduction stage to your cold call.

Because you are interrupting what they were doing and taking up some of their personal time you have to grab their attention early.

If your first lines don’t grab their attention you’ll get objections, excuses, and phones put down.

Your call will be over before you get chance to pitch your deal.

That’s the difference between calling Direct Sales prospects and making cold calls to the B2B market, you get less time to make an impact.

Think about it, how do you feel when you get a sales call at home.

Cold Calling Tips for the Introduction Stage

The Introduction stage of an appointment setting call to a Direct Sales prospect must have:

  • A brief Introduction of you and your company
  • A benefit related to your product
  • A really effective Reason for Calling

Keep the company introduction brief. The prospect doesn’t want to hear your company’s entire history from when it was it was founded by Great Uncle whoever to the present day.

The same goes for you. Keep the details of who you are limited to your name and only add other information if you think it will be of interest to the prospect.

The only information that should be added at this stage is anything that adds a benefit for the customer, or is a reference point that helps them to understand who you are and why you are calling them. For example, if your company name is well known or is connected to a name or brand that they will recognize.

As soon as possible in the Introduction you should include a potential benefit that the buyer could gain by meeting with you.

This must be a benefit, not a feature, and it must be something that the person you’re phoning can gain and maybe would like to gain.

The most important line of a sales appointment call to the Direct Sales market is:

The reason you are calling.

Get it wrong, and the objections come flying down the line and the phone goes down. It has to be something that grabs the buyer’s attention and it must be believable.

It is well worth taking some time to work on creating a really good Reason for the Call. I’m Stephen Craine, a working sales manager and trainer, and I invest a lot of time in helping my sales appointment makers get this important part of their calls to be superbly effective. Let me show you some free sales training that will help you to make more appointments with Direct Sales prospects, open How to cold call...

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